Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare will have Split screen

Sledgehammer games co-founder Michael Condrey has confirmed split screen will be available with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare a popular feature fans have come to expect of call of duty games.

Michael confirmed split screen was returning when he responded to a question from a fan via his twitter account.

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csreynolds1500d ago

Is it just me, or does splitscreen do more harm than good? I always find games with splitscreeners to be less stable than those without...

Offline, yes. Online, no. Just my two pennies.

james123441500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

online splitscreen feels like a form off cheating to me

james123441500d ago

also one more thing i hate the lag u get when playing split screeners it should put all split screeners in the same lobby

DeadlyOreo1500d ago

Will this sort of thing go hand in hand with the share feature introduced with software update 2.0? Because that's be cool.

Tekkers1500d ago

Does anyone know if 4 player local split screen has been confirmed yet? It was missing from Ghosts much to my disappointment .

danny8181500d ago

it better have 4!!! 2 was wack on ghost, but again ghost was a wack game