Microsoft, Sony and EA: Who Won Gamescom and Why

"I’m usually not the kind of person who likes to advocate a company “winning” a conference like E3 or Gamescom. If anyone “wins” it’s the respective developer for their game. Has there ever been a “Best of Show” award for entire presentations? Maybe that could be used as a reasonable yardstick for measuring victories between companies like Sony, Microsoft and EA."

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DarkOcelet1460d ago

Honestly i think Sony showed better and more exclusives while ms kept concentrating on the games that they announced why is by no mean a bad thing but i wanted them to show more exclusives , at least a cgi trailer of gears , their only thing that added a shock value was Rise of the tomb Raider and that awesome gameplay of quantum break . And PT was the best thing they announced which later became silent hills , beautiful :)

Ezz20131460d ago

Pfffff, Microny won hand down

nX1460d ago

Care to elaborate? Maybe in terms of controversy but certainly not in terms of generated excitement.

Ezz20131460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )


Microny won because they are the only one who have games like Quantum break,Fable,Halo 5,Forza,The Order 1886,Bloodborne,Uncharted 4,The last of us .etc

also they have the best version of multiplat games on consoles,Best online,best controller and best graphics ever

if you don't agree then find the darkest corner and sit there and stay silent

salmon_slapped1460d ago

I see what you did there Ezz. Agree 100%.

combining names so basically the consumer/gamers won Gamescom

die_fiend1460d ago Show
Docknoss1460d ago

Microsoft showed amazing long duration demos for they're exclusives. Halo, Quantum Break, and Sunset Over drive demo's were awesome. Think the Tomb Raider bomb shell hit the hardest. Winning Gamescom.

paulogy1460d ago

You're crazy. Sonrosoft was the clear winner.

Their breakout games like Ori and the Blind Forest, Cuphead, The Tomorrow Children, and Rime won me over.

Ezz20131460d ago


you can keep telling your self that *Sonrosoft* won
but at the end of the day *Microny* won by a mile

bouzebbal1460d ago

if you are a real gamer you can't downplay Sony's showing! it was so full of games from beginning to end.
they had so many games to show that they started with trailers before the conference even started.

btk1460d ago

Tomb Raider hit the hardest?
Compare the sales figures of Uncharted vs Tomb Raider. Uncharted sells way more than Tomb Raider. The publisher just tried to avoid launching on PS4 against Uncharted and get massacred in sales numbers.
You will see what I mean when Uncharted and Tomb Raider is released.

redwin1460d ago

What I like about NS is that they are showing things that are playable and available in a very near future, they are not bating you with CG for mid and late 2015. Chances are that when they project something that far it usually gets pushed back further. I think the only game that was left lingering with question was the MOBA, SMITE, which I'm very excited about. But don't get me wrong, I will be getting that BloodBourne and the order when it comes out "next year" .

AngelicIceDiamond1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

@Ezz What is wrong with you? You been acting like a fanboy lately with your comments.

"Microny" if that's not childish I don't know what is.

I thought Both had a great showings. Sony upping the bar in Indie support still unrivaled when it comes to indies support. I had a hard time telling indie from AAA.

Hell Blade and Wild stood out to me the most. Farcry, Shadow Of Mordar Destiny all look great. Share Play looks very interesting. Bloodborne is gonna be a killer.

MS had a great showing. They made it clear they wanted to focus mainly on this holiday.

Those X1 bundles look great. Sunset Overdrive footage actually looks way better than the E3 footage(though much shorter footage).

Fable Legends is looking allot better than before. Quantum Break was a show stealer. Scream ride looks really fun.

The Rise Of The TombRaider an X1 exclusive was a surprise.

Imo there's no clear winner. People can fight, argue, troll act immature all they want but both companies did great.

I simply don't care to partake in these arguments both companies did what they needed to do.

So they both did great.

Nuff said.

Ezz20131460d ago


lol Dude, Microny A.K.A (Microsoft and Sony) won gamescom

you guys really can't get what i'm saying for real ?!

Pogmathoin1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Nice to see sense of humour here lads, better than my mom has more to offer than your mom playground crap....

Angelicice.... Tell me you were sarcastic please.... :)

vickysud1459d ago

It's Hideo Kojima who won gaming at Gamescom. A true one of a kind psychotic legend.Especially with mgs coming to PC he has nailed it and then Silent Hills and he wants to do mgs remake.

All Hail to Kojigod.

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nX1460d ago

Sony did the press conference right, at least they got people excited... started the show with trailers for known games and then announced something new every few minutes. And then announce even more games on the Playstation Blog (like Journey, The Unfinished Swan, Ether One, SNOW, QUBE², In Space We Brawl, 99 Bricks Wizard, PIX the Cat, etc. etc.) so the last few days had something for everyone. Microsoft on the other hand ended Gamescom with yet another PR disaster.


Immorals1460d ago

Wouldn't call it a disaster, I'd call it clever marketing. You have the whole of gamescom, and what are people talking about most?

AD7051460d ago

Who gives a shit if they got the most attention from that bullshit deal that alienated so many people? Getting hatred like that for a lame stunt shouldn't give MS the win. They made themselves look like assholes with that move. What's more pathetic is that thats the only thing people remember from their gamescom was a timed exclusive deal while sony showed off actual new shit like silent hill, hellblade, Wild, etc etc.....

Spotie1460d ago

That's like saying it's good if everybody in the school is talking about how you fell flat on your face when going onstage to give a speech. It doesn't mean your speech was a good one.

And, contrary to popular belief, there IS such a thing as bad publicity.

funkybudda1460d ago


People talked about Silent Hills reboot after Gamescon.

Biggest1460d ago

People saying that there is no such thing as bad press must have been asleep since the day before E3 '13.

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ArchangelMike1460d ago

Sony won it for me, simply because of P.T. I have never crapped my pants during any other Gamescom. If you've played it, you'll know what I mean.

DarkOcelet1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I have watched its walkthrough but damn it scared the $h!t out of me , if thats a taste of what to come in silent hills then we are in for a treat :)

come_bom1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Quantum Break was the best thing shown... for me. But I haven't seen everything.

As for best conference:
Sony fanboys will say Sony's show.
Microsoft fanboys will say Microsoft's show.

Everybody is happy :)

DarkOcelet1460d ago

Hmm the best , kind of hard to agree , but its definitely was one of the best :)

MysticStrummer1460d ago

Quantum Break gameplay reminded me of The Order. Pretty but otherwise very typical imo. Before that demo QB was one of the most intriguing games coming to XB1 (to me) but after the demo I felt it was nothing special.

xx4xx1460d ago

This is N4G.
Nobody can be happy.

DeadlyOreo1460d ago

To be fair, I'm a Sony fan with only a PS4, but the Quantum Break gameplay was a highlight for me, you'd be an idiot to say that didn't look pretty good. But the biggest treat was certainly the P.T demo from Hideo Kojima after the conference.

imt5581460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Very odd that Microsoft showed Forza 5. That game came out 10 months ago!!

Project Morpheus was mentioned on Sony's conference. And it was playable at Sony's booth :

Well, to bad that PS Vita didn't had some showcase.

Well, the truth is that Sony showed more exclusives ( i mean exclusives, not timed ) and NEW IP's than Microsoft. P.T. teaser was awesome. Well, The Order, Driveclub and Bloodborne steal the show in graphics department. Quantum Break looks good though.

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FayZ_1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

of course sony wins, it's n4g., where gamers pay $400 on a console for indie games.

3-4-51460d ago

Just bought an XB1, and loving it so far. I'm definitely going to get a PS4 at some point though for the exclusives, but not until a price drop, so maybe 1-3 years from now.

That way, I'll have a nice stack of exclusives to play once I get one.

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blackout1460d ago

At the very beginning of Microsoft's conference Phill stated the most of what you see today will be releasing within the next 6 months to a year. Sony always shows an abundance of games with no telling when the are released. But Sony sure does have a lot coming.

nX1460d ago

The question is, what's better at these kind of conferences? I don't think anything weighs more than announcing new games.

alb18991460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Is not just announce new games, is about the quality of them and how close they are of be in your hands.
SONY does it a club and the order have been in every conference!
Another thing impress me is that nobody believe that the first time Quantum Break was shown was a gameplay......until now, amazing!
Sorry for my English!

NeoGamer2321460d ago

That is a very good question.

For me. Game announcements aren't as important as what I will see in the next few months.

The reason is simple. Too many games get delayed or cancelled.

I learned last gen not to count on anything. Too Human, Alan Wake, Killzone 2, God of War III were just a few games that got delayed "year(s)". And then games like Last Guardian and Agent never showed up.

To me, no game is real until their is a firm release windows, and no game truly gets my attention until it has a release date.

By buying into game announcements without any release windows, all we are doing is buying the marketing BS that companies are feeding us.

Yetter1460d ago

actually getting a feel for how the games will turn out is more exciting to me. I like to see gameplay session and devs explaining the new systems they've designed

BlackTar1871460d ago


Sony showed a bunch of trailers and said all those will be releasing within 6 months.

jetlian1459d ago

yea like DC was to be near launch! how about secret panchos, war thunder took time to get to the us. How about planetside 2 near launch?

wheres the witness? saw alot of that during e3 last year leading to ps4 launch! wheres deep down that sony fans were claiming was capcoms' gift to them in early 2014 since MS got dr3?

this happens every gen with sony. sony took a indie montage and turned it into an hour long show! the order and bloodborn werent even in it

asmith23061460d ago

MS had the shock value of the Tomb Raider announcement, but overall I thought Sony had more to show. So Sony for me.

ScorpiusX1460d ago

MS because it was once again all about the GAMES. For me that pretty much made my decision easy.

360ICE1460d ago

Wasn't Sony? Apart from PlayShare and YouTube Sharing (which is kind of about the games too), I thought they spent surprisingly little time on PS Now and PSTV, and no time at all on Morpheus.

ScorpiusX1460d ago

Yeah they talked games but like always they couldn't leave out #s. Lol

Mega241460d ago

Everyone won, except SE, which had a shit storm, and EA, EA can just go fuck themselves, I feel sorry for all the devs under EA.