What a let down Gamescom 2014 was

After all the hype leading up to Gamescom it ended up being a bit of a damp squid really. With neither side really showing anything interesting and not to mention that Nintendo aren't even around.

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MrSwankSinatra1498d ago

Granted it wasn't present in a conventional sense, but PT (AKA Silent Hills) was definitely a surprise for me. Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to XB1 was a pretty big megaton.
Bloodborne & Quantum Break both looked AMAZING. Tearaway unfolded was cool(Though i heard a rumor that the PS Camera is required, i hope that isn't the case). The Order: 1886 gameplay has me optimistic that it won't be as linear as i originally perceived it to be. Rime & Ori looked fantastic. DLC for Killer Instinct, Infamous SS & Titanfall looked good. Then you have the multiplats that were shown like MGSV, DA Inquisition, Alien: Isolation, The Witcher 3, AC Unity/Rogue, Borderlands TPS, MKX, The Evil Within, Batman: AK, etc.

All in all, gamescom was pretty good for me.

nX1498d ago

Gamescom was pretty good overall and certainly better than the last few years, having unrealistic expectations is purely the author's fault. Sony announced at least 10 new games and showed great trailers for their upcoming exclusives, if you weren't interested in any of this that's your problem.

thorstein1498d ago

Wow. Another hateboy article. Look, if you really hate video gaming so much, why do you game? Honestly, if this hobby is such a "burden" on you, then why even write about it.

Move on to something that makes you happy and leave us to our enjoyable hobby. I really wish you enjoyed gaming as much as the rest of us, but claiming things like that [game/ conference/ trailer] was [underwhelming/ overhyped/ a let down] is just more evidence that you are a hateboy.

Worse than any fanboy, is the hateboy that just hates everything about a specific community and lives only to disparage said community (in this case gaming.)

I'm sorry your dad didn't hug you enough: Let it go, guy, let your anger go.

Jdoki1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

It's damp squib not squid, you fool.

Squib = Small explosive that would not work if it got damp

Squid = Cephalopoda, always damp when in natural environment!

If the author couldn't find anything exciting about Gamescom I'd suggest a different career.

All this 'it's cool to be negative' shit is annoying.