Make it a (Virtual) Reality: P.T.

VRFocus - One of Gamescom 2014’s biggest announcements very nearly slipped everyone earlier this week when Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced a new horror title named P.T., with a playable teaser released onto the PlayStation 4 Store. Looking back on the reveal, its deliberate shroud of mystery and placement straight after a showing of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain should have been clear signs that it was more Konami trickery. Sure enough, P.T. turned out to really be an extended teaser for a new Silent Hill title, Silent Hills.

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thorstein1461d ago

PT was scary enough when it was on my television. Putting it in VR would be mind blowing.

ArchangelMike1461d ago

It would be a guaranteed system seller on either Occulus or Morpheus. But yeah it would have to come with a severe health warning :)

fr0sty1460d ago

P.T. spooked me more than any other piece of entertainment media I have ever come across. Making that VR would be insane...

luis_spartano1460d ago

It would be SO, SO spooky!

I don't know if I would have courage to play in VR. If the P.T. on console scared the shit out of me, imagine in VR!

Modi19841460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

VR + PT = Heart attack! :(

SpiralTear1460d ago

PT is the kind of stuff that would get people interested in VR. With a big name like Kojima or del Toro on board with a famed series like Silent Hill, VR would get a lot of attention. If the final game is like this, I expect it to be Morpheus bound in an instant.

dmonee1460d ago

P.T. WOULD have been great if released to showcase a VR product. However, it is done now and, I think it will not be as awesome if it we're to be released on a VR headset, say, 2 years from now.?