Lords Of The Fallen Gamescom 2014 Leaked Gameplay (Offscreen) PakGamers.Com

Posted above is leaked footage from the hands on demo of Lords Of the Fallen from the Gamescom 2014 show floor that was available to play for the attendees. The footage was shot off screen using a camera so the quality is a bit poor and there’s no audio but the action on the screen can be seen clearly for the most part. The footage shows what looks like one of the early boss fights in the game taking place.

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Cursinguser1462d ago

IGN had a HQ preview of this scenario a few months ago. should have an interview, along with off-screen footage of a different area of the game, next week.

Joher1459d ago

Maybe quality is not like HD but allways it is short gameplay form the game. Fight with this boss we can see in another gameplay or trailer from this game but I like it. Thanks guys for recording:)