Tomb Raider Exclusive Deal Bad For Gaming? OnePlus One Review

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MrSwankSinatra1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Well considering the fact that sales of Tomb Raider were considered bad until the re-release on PS4 & Xbox One, I'd say this was probably a necessary move. Low risk for a high reward, Microsoft has the cash so they're using it to their advantage. This will definitely sell xbox consoles

OT: To the people complaining about this game really need to grow up. It's one game out of hundreds so get over it. Going to twitter and attacking the people who make these games and verbally assaulting the writers and actors (who honestly had nothing to do with this decision) with obscenities and sexually derogatory terms is beyond disgusting. I bet they're probably thinking "I can't believe these are the people we make games for?" No wonder Insomniac tweeted at crystal about incoming hate. This gaming community is a flat out JOKE!!! I know I'll get disagrees, but it needs to be said. If you were one of those people then get a life.....

XBLSkull1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Agreed, this stuff rarely happens. And it is in a sea of hundreds of games. This move is in no way "bad for gaming"

Lol, Xbox fans don't need to waste their time trying to win a hopeless propaganda war on n4g. They've too many great games to be playing instead.

Software_Lover1377d ago

I somehow posted that on the wrong thread. Thanks though.

insomnium21377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

"This will definitely sell xbox consoles "

Depends if people are willing to be bought or just plain ignorant/oblivious to MS shenanigans.

I will not support something like this. MS needs a first party studio. Then they can haz 'em as exclusive as they want. You can't buy/bribe yourself to victory in my books. I have values. I know I'm weird.

Concertoine1377d ago


It is important to realize that not every gamer has the passion that those on n4g (or any other gaming site) do. I doubt many will even give much thought about this game being exclusive, or how it wound up as such.

insomnium21376d ago


Yeah that's true. That's why I put the "oblivious" option in my comment. It is important to cater to the core gamer though. See the current sales trend for proof. MS effed up with xbone simple as that. The only way to bounce up for them is to drop the price to 200 dollars.

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SaveFerris1377d ago

I neither agree or disagree. However, Sony and PC fans of the reboot have a right to feel hacked off at initially being denied the opportunity to continue the story of Lara Croft on their platform of choice. Although now they will have to wait an as yet unspecified length of time to do so.
Xbox One & 360 gamers were already getting this game anyway, but I can see this as a way of boosting sales of the title on MS platforms. Personally, I don't believe this move will help lift their console sales, and it remains to be seen if combined Xbox One and 360 sales of the sequel will match or exceed the Sony sales of its predecessor, let alone both PS platforms and PC sales.
If Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix were unhappy at sales of the first title, perhaps they should've made a better game, huh?

Aceman181377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

i think these were the sales of the reboot on both consoles

2.2 mil PS3
1.7 mil 360

MS had to cough up the money that was generated from the PS3 sales to make this move happen.

i personally dont see the new game selling that much on the X1 especially considering it doesnt have high unit sales of system. this move hinges on the system selling like gangbusters from now till the end of next year.

i personally can easily wait for it to end up on PS4 because we all know both CD/SE will be everything in their power to make it up to both PS/PC gamers with an ultimate edition of the game lol.

Godmars2901377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

It was Square's own fault for over advertising. Then they compounded on that mistake and overspending by this mess. Cutting down market availability in an attempt to *improve* sales?

Somehow that company has forgotten how to do business.

incendy351377d ago

Definitely shows how sad the gaming community is on the whole. I am ashamed to be a part of it most times.

Seafort1377d ago

Will Xbox gamers even buy Rise of the Tomb Raider? Do they even care about the game and it's timed exclusivity on their platform?

I don't think they do considering the sales numbers on Xbox consoles of the previous Tomb Raider 2013.

This game is not a system seller especially not for Xbox gamers.

It's a complete waste of time and money for MS and just pisses off the original fans of the series.

This will just back fire on SE/CD not MS.

SaveFerris1377d ago

It could end up a bit like inFamous vs Prototype in the previous generation. Uncharted 4 vs Tomb Raider 2, though in this gen the multi-platform title is a timed exclusive.
When the dust settles, we shall see who comes out on top.

Concertoine1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

1.7 million on 360.
2.2 on ps3, i believe.

Where in that .5 difference is the point that gamers start "caring."

That said i do think this is money that could be better spent by MS. I won't take any buisiness move personally, however.

ConfettiYeti1377d ago

I'm having a hard time seeing Tomb Raider pushing a lot, if any Xbox Ones. It's a good series, and I liked the newest one but Tomb Raider is not a "System Seller". And this is not necessarily bad for gaming, Square just alienated a nice portion of its fan base, it's just bad for them.

And this kind of thing is a normal for current gen it seems. Dead Rising is just another example. I won't use Titanfall or Sunset Overdrive due there appearances as new IP's, but again Insomniac has just like square alienated a good portion of its fan base. Oh well, nothing we can do about it now. Time to move on, we have beaten this horse enough.

LeCreuset1377d ago

Language is a marvelous thing. You can structure it to create the impression that two groups are mutually inclusive. Say, for instance, people upset about the TR deal and people that harass writers and actors over the TR deal.

troylazlow1377d ago

Don't forget Sony did something similar getting an extra hour of content into Watch Dogs. This is just business and this will not be the end of it.

insomnium21376d ago

Did the lauch on bone get postponed because of said deal? No? Similar how?

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Software_Lover1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )


Wrong thread

wonderfulmonkeyman1377d ago

I feel sorry for the devs of this game; the circumstances behind the games are different, but they're having to put up with the same bs that Platinum did with Bayonetta 2...
What makes the reaction even more unjustifiable, in this case, is that this is just a TIMED exclusive, not a full one.
Wish they didn't have to put up with this; some gamers can be so vicious...

Software_Lover1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

This is so much worse than Bayonetta though, like 100x's worse.

Edit: The response is worse than the Bayonetta response. Sorry about that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

It's still coming to PS4.

Ohhh, that's what you meant.
Well, I still think that it's ridiculous, especially when they will still be getting a well done port in the end even if it comes out for them second.
If it were coming to wii u as well, you can bet they'd cut out all the dlc and likely a mode or two as well just to cut costs.

Spotie1377d ago

In the case of Bayonetta, people were pissed until they found out the game was being made only because of Nintendo. At the time, Nintendo was facing criticism for not investing in new IPs; Bayonetta being exclusive sounded like filler for that. Naturally, fans of the original would be upset, seeing that it wasn't even on Nintendo hardware. People are rarely happy when multiplats top exclusive.

This time, the game is only timed exclusive, but they originally gave the message that it was a permanent exclusive. Tomb Raider, as you know, is far older than Bayonetta, and has gained a large fanbase in that time. It may not have started there but, like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy, the franchise gained its greatest success after being on Playstation consoles. And, like the other two, TR has become synonymous with the Playstation brand. Therefore, there would obviously be more fans of Tomb Raider among the Playstation community than the Xbox one. (Sales seem to bear this out.) It's also always had strong support from the PC community (which is where I was first introduced to the franchise). Giving gamers the impression- and that's exactly what they did- that the next game in a franchise reboot would not be coming to the majority of said franchise's fans was only going to end poorly.

Made worse is that Microsoft is generally seen in a negative light within gaming anyway, at the moment. I keep hearing about it, but I can't think of other instances of companies buying exclusivity of a multiplat game when said title wasn't in trouble. Folks have tried and failed to intimate that Sony did so with the other franchises mentioned, but the only company I can think of who would even need to do such a thing is the one being talked about now.

It's not about one console's fanboys or another. It's about respect to gaming, in general. Both Square Enix and Microsoft seem to lack that, in general, and so you have the reactions you do.

I highly doubt this much noise would have been made if it was made clear from the start that exclusivity was only timed.

wonderfulmonkeyman1377d ago

True enough, but at the same time, isn't it unfair to the franchise to consider it synonymous with any particular console, when it's been on several and all involved have contributed to its success?
It didn't gain its success just because of the consoles it was on, after all; it gained success because it was, and is, a genuinely great franchise.
I do understand why the lying and delays in classification would upset fans, though. That's reasonable.

insomnium21376d ago

This situation reminds me of GTA4 DLC that MS bought as timed exclusive. You said it well spotie. It's exactly about respect for gaming. GTA has also always been on all platforms (maybe timed on PS) but when you look at sales the biggest chunk has come from a PS console.

It was disrespectfull to show off a friggen GTA tattoo and rub it in peoples' faces. No matter how much of a business they are and need to make money there are certain things you don't do and that is pissing off the core gamers.

Ms has shown 2 gens in a row now that they do not respect gaming. They run around the town blinding people with their moneybags and no matter how understandable it is for those devs to take those bags of money selling out is never respectfull behaviour and there will be a backlash to it.

I wouldn't be surprized if MS announced GTA6 as a lifetime exclusive on xbone sometime in the future. They are such a deuchebag company. Truly a schoolyard bully with lots of money at their disposal. I'll never buy another MS console unless they change their game up big time. Is that what you went for with this Tomb rider thing MS? You want Sony to recieve lifelong fans and feel disgusted at the mere mention of xbox?

hennessey861377d ago

I wonder what the reaction would have been if it was the other way round........

incendy351377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Users would have cried, but Journalists wouldn't have cared very much. Just the way the gaming industry works. You get hits by making Microsoft the bad guy.

Polygon even admitted this in their podcast. They say that their site gets the most hits by far when there is bad news about Microsoft. And they were praying Titanfall had tons of issues on launch so they could pay their bills haha : (

mhunterjr1377d ago

No way this is bad for gaming, it's just 1 game... And there were likely hundreds of similar deals throughout the history of gaming.

I think the ONLY reason there are so many articles about it is because it's fashionable to give MS negative attention.

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