Rocksteady making Arkham Knight ‘as if it’s their last game’

“Ever since Batman: Arkham Asylum, our approach has been to put everything we have into every game we make,” director Sefton Hill tells games™. “We never hold ideas back because you never know what’s around the corner. So I guess you could describe that as a ‘kitchen sink’ approach but I’d prefer to say it’s more of a ‘live every game as if it’s your last’ approach (mainly because it sounds more poetic).”

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DarkOcelet1434d ago

I think this game will be really something , Arkham Asylum and City were amazing especially asylum because it was really surprising a batman game to be that awesome , so i think this will truly be a masterpiece .
Witcher 3 , bloodborne , the order 1886, dying light , Arkham knight , halo 5, uncharted 4, phantom pain , Rise of the tomb raider, etc etc etc , 2015 is gonna be out of this world :)

gamesTM_dom1434d ago

It's an incredible time to be a gamer, but better yet - it's an EVEN BETTER time to be a gamer into comics and/or horror. We're lucky there are so many platforms and amazing devs out there catering for LITERALLY every taste. People that say 'te games industry is dying' are speaking out of their arses.

BillmadeAGate1434d ago

After batman they should make an Xmen game.. I'd soo love that

DanteVFenris6661434d ago

I'd prefer anime open world rpg, all they ever make is fighters. Super heros suck in comparison to anime heros. But if we were to get another id prefer a good superman game. As so far that's never happened

They've made plenty of decent xman games so I've already had my share with them.

Baka-akaB1434d ago

You do realize they are owned by Warner ? Literally the owner of Marvel's rival entity ?

Not happening in the near future . And knowing Warner , if Rocksteady moves on to another property instead of a whole new ip , it will be their own from DC

Ezz20131434d ago

i want my Rockstady's Justice League game

GenericNameHere1434d ago

It should be. I'd be okay if Arkham Knight is the last Arkham game. Either go to Batman Beyond next, or make a game out of another DC hero. A Teen Titans game would be sweet.

Inzo1434d ago

Young Justice would be better, a proper one.

chrissx1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Good to know they are working hard on the game. Anticipating

Inzo1434d ago

Next story to break "Rocksteady is closing its doors, Batman Arkham Knight the last game in development"

Maninja1434d ago

There's no reason for them to. Both Arkham Asylum and Knight have been huge successes, both critically and commercially.

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The story is too old to be commented.