Adr1ft – Preview [GamingLives]

GamingLives takes a look at Adr1ft:

"Adr1ft sets the player as an astronaut who awakes in the wreckage of a severely damaged space station, with no memory of what has happened and an EVA suit leaking the only thing you really need in space – oxygen. Players will need to explore the wreckage, scavenge resources, defy the odds of survival, and find out what happened to work out a way of getting home. When you first hear the idea of an FPX game, it sounds like some sort of cheesy marketing ploy up there with ‘Levolution’ but when you actually get your hands on the game, you realise that the setting and story are the perfect way to convey an emotional experience of desperation and survival."

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MSBAUSTX1502d ago

This looks really cool to me. I like it when key people get together and create something new we are not used tos eeing. A space based free movement first person MYST problem solving gane. I am down for that.