PT has no direct relation to Silent Hills

Silent Hills might be a very different game compared to the P.T demo according to the demo ending sequence.

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DarkOcelet1503d ago

But its an idea of whats i think store and if he made it open world with fox engine , i want this game so bad .

JoGam1503d ago

Truth be told, If Silent Hill Flops its going to be the biggest flop this generation considering how good P.T. was.

DarkOcelet1503d ago

With kojima and del toro on the helm i doubt it will , just make a good marketing to the game and it will sell well .

Soldierone1503d ago

If the game flops then the entire marketing team at Konami would need to be completely fired.

3 key names behind it, this could be a game about a rolling dog turd and still be marketable lol

KwietStorm1503d ago

That's a bit of a stretch. Thats actually just stupid. We're not even a year into this generation. PT was dine very well, but not so well that you could be proclaiming flop of the whole generation.

JoGam1503d ago

Im sorry not generation but the year it releases. The generation just started was thinking two different things when i typed that.

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jujubee881503d ago

Good. I don't need to remember any obtuse crappy plot points. :P

OhReginald1503d ago

Glad I am not the only one. While the game IS terrifying in its presentation, great atmosphere and all the jump scare moments were fun, but I have never played a more contrived arbitrarily obtuse game in my life. If they wanted to fuck with my head they did a good job. But I am SO glad that silent hills has no direct relation to the teaser.

WorldGamer1503d ago

So this is going to be basically a "reboot" to the series. Could be a good thing to reimagine certain elements. Definitely could serve to expand the universe and the fanbase.

Looks proper scary too.

CorndogBurglar1503d ago

P.T. is a playable teaser/demo for Silent Hills. Of course SH will be first person.

If it wasn't then it would defeat the whole purpose of the demo.

And this article is ridiculous. Even if its first person, the game would still have plenty of cutscenes to drive the story, just like every other FPS.

Just imagine a company making a demo of a new game and its a third person action game. But when the game comes out its actually a FPS. People would be pissed.

A demo's whole purpose is to show what the game will be like. Changing the genre of the final product would be idiotic.

JoGam1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I heard its going to be third person. However part of what made PT scary was the first person element. It really made the player feel like they were in that house. I don't see how third person will have had the same effect.

CorndogBurglar1502d ago

Where did you hear that? They haven't confirmed anything. If you heard that then it was only speculation

But I'm with you. If its 3rd person it will lose a lot of the tension. I might not even get it if its 3rd person.

shadowraiserx1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Maybe is gonna be like SH4 the Room ,some areas the character will investigate some cases and experience the hell those people have in those silent hills and outside those areas is 3rd person with fighthing elements.

CorndogBurglar1503d ago

Anyway...PT was awesome. I played through it last night and its the first video gamei've ever played where I was genuinely scared to take a step forward. Very well done.

shadowraiserx1502d ago

Playing PT in Virtual Reality can be even more terrifying.

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