My first week with my Xbox One

Following the interest and discussion from my write up of setting up two Xbox One consoles, I decided to write a follow up article, to my thoughts on the console after my first week with it.

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I have an Xbox one and it is currently the center of my media center. I play the most games on my PS4/Wii U, but xbox one is always on. The kinect voice commands have been a god sent especially when you have a kid who loves to play with the controllers. Having the ability to use your voice to switch between tv, youtube, and netflix on the fly is pretty cool. The Skype feature is also pretty awesome to have for grandparents and relatives to call in and see their granddaughter and use the 55" TV. As a gaming device... TitanFall was pretty/fun, but it's not one of those games I'd spend hours playing, maybe 10-15 minutes here and there. The EA Access service has been really the only reason I even game on it at the current moment... that is until the Halo Collection comes out!

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as an xb1 owner my experience is similar to yours , i definetly use my xb1 more than my ps4 but mostly not for games , but right now there isn't really a constant inflow of new games on either device . i have no idea what the ratio will be when there is .

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Exactly most of the indie games for both systems haven't really appealed to me. I even broke out my PS2 to play GT3 and my original xbox to play Jade Empire... its just been a slow summer.

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Im playing thru ea access stuff.. Wouldn't have normally bought it but since its free (sorta) I'm giving them a go..

Peggle 2 is actually quite fun.. And crimson dragon wasn't as bad as I thought it would be

Either way.. My Xbox is on 8-10 hours a day, mostly TV.. I do other stuff while its on.. But its incredibly convenient to have games and TV on one input. Plus with fast resume, its become insanely easy to play for 5-10min then go back to tv where I wouldn't bother turning on past consoles unless I had a hour or more to game

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I've had mine for 4 days now.

I've been playing Plants vs Zombies Garden Warefare & Forza 5 non-stop. Both great games and this XB1 controller is awesome.

I think I like it better than the 360 controller, and that is my favorite of all time.

* Madden 15, Destiny, Assassins Creed: Unity, CoD:AW, Halo:MCC, Forza Horizon 2.........can't wait to play all of these

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Cool article. Glad the X1 is getting some positive news these days. Both consoles are great in different ways. Go for what you want and enjoy and don't harass others who choose differently. It's just gaming folks. I love my X1 and am considering a PS4 someday.

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I freaaking enjoy mine, its been a little over a week. Everyone talks down on it on this site but everyone to their own preference right?

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That's because hardly anyone on this site has one, and that this site is very pro Sony.

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yea but to be honest they are in full force everywhere.

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