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oKidUKo1378d ago

I can't wait to get stuck in to these cheevos, I prefer a lot of smaller ones.

xYLeinen1378d ago

All I've read and seen about this game excites me..

I only can hope that gameplay mechanics and the story is as solid as their developers make me believe they are.

Lucreto1378d ago

This is what I like about Trophies and achievements, I would have never even considered doing half the items on the list.

DevilishSix1378d ago

I am looking forward to this game, but the achievo list is interesting in the fact there seems to be no end game achievo for completing the game.

bixxel1377d ago

Apparently this game doesn't end.You keep having newer and newer enemies.They said it once.

TimidPixel1378d ago

Looks like a lot of nice long trophies/achievements.