Dead Space 4 likely to be the first next-gen entry in the series

Visceral Games' General Manager is excited about the idea of seeing Dead Space 4 on next-gen consoles.

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DarkOcelet1497d ago

With the ps4 and xone graphics , it will be awesome , the atmosphere and lightings in the series are top notch , i cant imagine how beautiful it would , come on papoutsis make it already :)

XBLSkull1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

First one was my favorite game of last gen, hope it doesn't go half-assed cross gen

while I don't think it was as good as bioshock, the setting for me was what made it better for me. These were the two games that I thought had the best atmosphere and really made me feel like I was in the game, nothing else last Gen did though there were a ton of great games.

Army_of_Darkness1495d ago

Dead space 1-2 easily is better than bioshock in every way too Me...
I think when you factor in all these horror games coming out being less action oriented, I would assume EA will follow suit and at least make DS4 similar to the first one, which would be great!

joab7771495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I agree. Hopefully they go back to their roots and push it further in the survival horror direction.

I wouldnt be against a reboot in this situation. And no offense but Visceral didn't decide and come up with the idea to make a Battlefield game. It was thrust on them by EA, and it's a shame.

Blasphemy1495d ago

i thought EA said they were done with the franchise after how poorly ds3 performed?

smashman981495d ago

lol they never said that

Septic1497d ago

I hope this isn't a cross-gen title.

Sir_Simba1495d ago

EA wants that money, Hardline shouldve moved on but it didnt and now look at it.

k3rn3ll1495d ago

Considering this game would be at least 2 years out I don't think it would be. This article is kinda ridiculous to that point. Of course the next dead space game will be the first on new gen consoles. There's no possible way for it not to be. They aren't going to release one 2+ years from now and have it be ps3 and 360 only

Volkama1495d ago

It's "likely" to be the first one on next gen.

Which means they are still open to the idea of releasing remasters of any or all of the first 3 games ;)

maniacmayhem1495d ago

God...I hope it's a return to what made part one so fantastic. This is a classic example of how a franchise could be steered so wrong and so quickly due to popularity and big business greed.

It went from a survival horror to a co-op shooter with just three entries.

Benjammin251495d ago

Dead Space 1 is a masterpiece. 2 was good but steered a bit too much towards action. 3 is one of my most hated games from last gen. Hope 4 gets things back on track.

incendy351495d ago

I could never get into this series. I tried.

thorstein1495d ago

Next Gen though?

Well, maybe they can make another game for this gen. I really don't want to wait 6-8 years for another Dead Space game.

joab7771495d ago

Of course it's gonna b next gen. U think Dead Space 4 coming in 2016 will be for the ps3? Some titles should b different.

mixelon1495d ago

I see what you did there..

I think? XD

thorstein1495d ago

Yes you did, joab, however, did not.

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The story is too old to be commented.