Soccer fans rejoice! 'PES 2015' full content list revealed by Konami

Many soccer fans will stick with EA's FIFA series as it offers a lot of fun and a lot of teams. For a more technically precise soccer (futbol) game, Konami offers its Pro Evolution Soccer, which now runs on Kojima's Fox Engine. This will be Konami's first dip into next generation soccer as the last effort on the previous generation consoles was quite a leap with the inclusion of the English Premier League. Now, PES 2015 looks to recreate the drama and tension that comes with vital matches.

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martinezjesus19931381d ago

It's soccer in the United States, get over it.

Jihaad_cpt1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

The international body Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is called that in the United States too. Not FISA, I rest my case. Just a tiny rant I am having

demonicale1381d ago

EVERYWHERE else in the world they call it "football" get over it.

Sincere01211381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Well said, wtf is soccer, it's called FOOTBALL.

@martinezjesus1993 who cares what it is in the United States, the whole world knows it as its correct name which is Football, which is different to what they play in US, they spend most time holding the ball and call it football, should be called Handball. Lol Get over it yourself.

pompombrum1381d ago

Handball sounds really really lame though to be fair but totally right, their sport has no right being called football.

hardeepmeghera1381d ago

Handball is exactly what one should call it. Not football. Hell they aren't even allowed to kick the ball. A separate player has to especially brought on to American football, a game that has better commercials than actual plays on the pitch.

Nightmar3Demom1381d ago

Not to continue an argument, but "Soccer" is a British word:


manchesterman221381d ago

Naaa dont forget, they play football with there hands in america

iceman061381d ago

A little history on the word SOCCER, so you can stop blaming Americans for its use. We didn't make it up, we adopted it from somewhere else.

The word "soccer" is actually British. It derives from the game's proper name, association football, with the "soc" bit taken from the word "association"

"19th century, football and rugby were both commonly known as football, the former dubbed "association football" and the latter "rugby football". But both phrases are a bit of a mouthful, however, so they were popularly shortened to "soccer" and "rugger" to keep things simple."

Americans simply adopted it to keep the confusion between it and American football (born in 1869) down. In fact, it wasn't until the 1980's that the British started to dissociate themselves from the word. But, there's hope. The term football, or sometimes International Football, is being used more and more as more foreign players come to play in the US and are interviewed. Being a former player, and a military brat, I can say that we used soccer in Japan...both terms in Greece...and football in Germany.

iceman061380d ago

So, people hate the truth!?!? LOL I didn't make that's actual research done from an article that was hyping up the World Cup.

theshredded1381d ago

it looks improved a lot!The king is back!

mafiahajeri1381d ago

the king is dead long live the king FIFA

redknight801381d ago

You know a game is bad when all the comments are debating the usage of soccer or football instead of the actual game ;) just joking, PES isn't too bad and I look forward to seeing how this year's game will turn out.

scark921380d ago

I love both FIFA and Pro Evo, but I will defo always have that soft spot for PES.

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