Battlefield 4 Zombies Event By EdgeGamers and DICE Developers

Join EdgeGamers Organization (eGO) and the developers from DICE on August 15 to fight off the Zombie Apocalypse in Battlefield 4 Zombies: The End Is Near.

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neocores1191d ago

-.- lamest shit i ever seen

Mega241191d ago

yeah, 30secs build up... for this crap.

thorstein1191d ago

Aren't they supposed to finish the game first... you know BEFORE they add modes like Zombies.

Still having many of the launch problems.

AliTheSnake11191d ago

What is going on? Is this a DLC ?
Where are the zombies? and what system is this on ?

daBUSHwhaka1191d ago

Probably riddled with rubber banding,one hit kills,death dash and heh maybe even falling through the map.Hope you had fun you dickheads.Bunch of fucking epic fails.

Sir_Simba1191d ago

i thaught because DICE is involved they might add something

That was pretty shit

USMC_POLICE1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Um we wanted dinosaurs not zombies

Trunkz Jr1191d ago

Oh no, if they were to give us the Dinosaurs that we want, they would sell us an entire new game.

USMC_POLICE1191d ago

I don't get it they have been teasing dinosaurs and prehistoric sharks now...zombies? Makes no sense

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The story is too old to be commented.