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GameInformer: Supermassive Games Wants You To 'Forget Everything You Knew About Until Dawn'

GameInformer had a chance to get an in-depth rundown from Until Dawn's executive producer Pete Samuels and executive creative director Will Byles. Supermassive Games has been hard at work on Until Dawn and a number of other Sony projects.

The team assisted with a Project Morpheus demo at E3 and worked closely with Guerrilla Games bringing the original Killzone to PlayStation 3 in HD. Supermassive also built maps for Killzone: Shadow Fall and created every playable level kit for both LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2.

The studio's re-revealed Until Dawn borrows some sensibilities from its earlier Move incarnation, with gyroscopic control of the game's flashlight. Everything else has been retooled for the Dual Shock 4. (PS4, Until Dawn)

HiTMaNHuntr  +   223d ago
I'm very interested in Until Dawn. Seems like it wants to try and give players that feeling of "if someone dies or lives it's your own fault." This is something that you don't see to much of in the horror genre.(Unless it's been done before let me know. :))
Most of the time it's just drawn out linear "you know this person is going to die" story line. And while Until Dawn is a rather linear game from what I've seen. It's the choices in the game that will hopefully make it feel different in each playthrough. Imma keep my eyes on this one. O_O

(I'm so happy that the horror genre is finally getting back on track after the lack of good ones during the PS3, 360 era.)
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NewMonday  +   223d ago
very impressive!

notice the European branch of Sony Worldwide Studios under Mike Denny is establishing a reputation for quality, look at they way DriveClube and Until Dawn turned from average fodder to very anticipated games, also Rime is now one of my most wanted games, can't stop watching the trailer, looking forward to what they do with Shadow of the Beast.
thorstein  +   223d ago
Have you played the PT Interactive Trailer (aka Silent Hills) yet?

Turn off the lights. The only hint you really need is that R3 is zoom (and that isn't ruining the game for anyone). Enjoy!
SaveFerris  +   223d ago
Gentleman, you had my curiosity, now you have my attention.
CocoWolfie  +   223d ago
i seriously want this.
Qrphe  +   223d ago
So no Move support?
NewMonday  +   223d ago
features implemented on the DS4
creeping judas  +   223d ago
That game looked seriously bad ass!!
colonel179  +   223d ago
Does it play like Heavy Rain? I got that impression from the gameplay they showed.
VsAssassin  +   223d ago
I thought the game received a serious overhaul in atmosphere during the re-reveal at Gamescom. The graphics are also quite nice; the characters look lifelike, most especially Hayden's character.

Consider me very interested now!
Sevir  +   223d ago
That Killzone Shadow Fall Engine. I scare easily, lol. I definitely have nerves as fragile as a dandelion, but I honestly can't wait to play this game. Dead Space and Dead Space 2 were the most scary games I've played in a while. I didn't even touch P.T on PS4 because of how creepy it was. I'm definitely going to play this
Lord Maim  +   223d ago
Done. Can I play it now, please?
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MilkMan  +   223d ago
All good bro. If you can deliver on the promise, we be sweeter than cracker jacks.
Don't you worry about a thing.

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