30v30 Maps on COD: Would Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers want this?

Daniel from Product Reviews writes:

"It's an interesting point when we talk about the number of players allowed on a map in Call of Duty, when I have been playing COD4 online in a Team Death Match game it can get busy but as soon as you go into an 18 player game with 9v9…it's madness at times. Now with PC gaming, some games have modes of play with 30v30 and some Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 games want this on a console games system."

"Would console gamers want 30v30 online games in Call of Duty and could the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 handle it?"

"If the maps were made much bigger in Call of Duty 5, then I personally would love to play a 30v30 game, well as long as the host is passed to another player when the host leaves. This would be much more fun for me, but then there are gamers who like things a lot less mad."

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BaSeBaLlKiD7213841d ago

ps3 has a game coming that will have 30v30 and thats resistance 2!!!

cant wait for that game!!!

Panthers3841d ago

No, its not going to be straight 30v30. It is going to be in squads of 8, which sounds even better.

30v30 would be fun, but this way is better.

games4fun3841d ago

squads of 8 and other numbers but there are only 2 teams each has 30 so 30v30 they will all be playing on the same map so he's right so what if your in squads you can go wherever you want you wont get as much points tho for splitting and not following the mission objectives.

JsonHenry3841d ago

Well, PC gamers have been playing 32v32 in CoD4 for a while now and those servers are always full. So I can only assume that Console gamers would like it too.

BeaArthur3841d ago

The game is sometimes too hectic as it is now, tripling the amount of people on each team would be way too much. I mean I guess if you could make the map big enough that could work; but why mess with a formula that already works?

Nevers3841d ago

lotsa LaaaaAG as it stands. I just tried the Big Battle type and saw people skipping about with that number of players; so I tend to agree. 30 vs 30 would be too many for CoD4... so yes, why mess such a great formula?

Altis13841d ago

Because its Treyarch. They screw it up and IW fixes it. Besides 30 vs 30 just sounds like a clusterf*ck.

kornbeaner3841d ago

WTF are you talking about, who mentioned Treyarch fvcking anything up???

Altis13841d ago

Who do you think is the dev team for COD 5?

deeznuts3841d ago

"The game is sometimes too hectic as it is now, tripling the amount of people on each team would be way too much. "

It's war! War isn't supposed to be calm and organized.

Altis13841d ago

Tell that to our government.

AceLuby3841d ago

It hasn't been calm or organized since WWII... assuming you live in the US

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SeanScythe3841d ago

PS3 can handle not sure about the 360.

kingnick3841d ago

Microsoft could provide servers so that games can have bugger multiplayer caps but they won't and Xbl will continue to be a lag ridden service for people in more remote parts of the world, that is dominated by the people that get host.

Varsarus3841d ago

Ofc the PS3 can handle it, is that a joke? *cough* Resistance 2 *cough*

I've yet to see a game on the 360 with 60 players online, I suppose it could, but only on 1 map, and may suffer from framerate drops...

crazy250003841d ago

Leave them alone with their 5vs5.....we like our 30vs30 thats coming =)

Jamaicangmr3841d ago

No need to cough it say it proud. RESISTANCE 2!!!!!

damnwrx3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

But, I DON'T WANT TO PAY EXTRA $10 bucks for another map, you can forget that sh!t.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- -------
I think, the people that bought the map-pack should have it for nothing and the others that did not should come with the package for $10 bucks.'If it will happen' though

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