Building A Better Xbox

What should Microsoft do to ensure that the next Xbox is as much of a success as the Xbox 360? Marty Blog discusses the hits and misses of the Xbox 360 and other consoles, and submits a few tips on how to make the next Xbox better than the last.

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aggh im on fire3835d ago

Even though its years away....have the next one more reliable from the start. Thats all really. Can't really fault the 360 apart from that so as long as they carry on bringing great games and live features i will definatly get the next xbox.
As long as the price is right.

FredFredrickson3835d ago

I agree - keeping the price reasonable, the functionality similar, and improving the reliability are the three most important things for the next Xbox... However far into the future that may be.

LostChild3835d ago

that having a more reliable console is the only thing wrong with the current Xbox right now. Stay at the current price point of being below $600dollars ($599 don't count) and having at least a hard drive on every machine right out the box. If they go with the 3 SKU's again, have the Core($299) come with a 40gdrive, Pro($399) with 80g and Elite($499) with 160g.

Oh, yeah...lower live to 30bucks a year instead of the current $50 to get more people interested in going Gold.

juuken3835d ago

1. Make the price reasonable.
2. Make sure the RROD disappears. That was part of the reason why I was scared of buying one, but now that I'm actually getting one, I hope it doesn't break on me.
3. Backward capability with more games.

That will ensure a better 360.

slugg3835d ago

Is a blu-ray drive. As much as it would chafe them to give some credit (and royalties) to Sony, the larger storage space can and WILL be necessary (look at MGS4 and Resistance 2, for example). I think that digital downloads of movies, tv shows, etc., IS the future (even Netflix has jumped on board, and might be working out a deal with MS as I type this), but having a HD drive in your system for the people who want to OWN the movie on a disc is just covering all bases and a smart business move. After all, I will buy a blu-ray player (maybe even a PS3) when The Lord of the Rings comes out on blu-ray, and it will be catching on more and more as HD TV's get cheaper and all TV broadcasts go digital next February.

heavyarms3835d ago

Blue ray player and big A$$ hard drive.