Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases – Part One: Dated/Windowed 2014

Kyle from The Vita Lounge writes;

"Was Gamescom a Vita let down? Do you have 'Vita means Death' fever? Are you wondering just what in the hell you're going to want to play/buy before the end of 2014? We've got something you definitely need to see."

The team at The Vita Lounge has put together their first of three "Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases" videos, this one covering the Western releasing dated/windowed games from now 'til the end of 2014.

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user65409481379d ago

Yoshida needs to wake up and tell the higher-ups at Sony that they should reinvigorate their support for Vita. Vita is flying off of shelves and it's hard to find them. This shows that it's making a huge comeback. They need to make that info available to 3rd party devs so they can get support.

Sayai jin1379d ago

I agree. I have been shocked at the in for and support for all things Vita. It's a really good handheld. Honestly, I learned my lesson with the PSP so I did not buy a Vita, but I did get one for my youngest child.

I think Yoshida will brief other execs about how Vita fans feel.

ruefrak1379d ago

But Yoshida IS one of the higher-ups. The man is head of World Wide Studios for crying out loud. And now he's coming out and saying that the focus at Tokyo Game SHow will be mainly focused on the PS4 as well (aka, don't expect too much Vita talk)

I'm hoping somewhere, somehow, there is someone in charge who can see all this public outcry and say "Maybe we should add some Vita stuff in at the Tokyo show." Because it wasn't just a few people on twitter complaining. It was the major sites. It was the Joystiqs and IGNs that were also commenting/complaining about the complete lack of Vita exposure.

Insomnia_841379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I think a the next Gravity Crash was just announced via Twitter...

Check out @yosp's Tweet:

Leaked by mistake? lol

user65409481378d ago

One game doesn't cut it. No matter how good, people need more variety in NEW games to cater to different audiences. Glad the game is coming, but even more game support would be welcome.

Rockets121378d ago

Give me more RPGs and localize games from Japan and I will be the happiest Vita owner. I wouldn't mind a game like God of War or GTA like the psp had, but I'll be fine without them. I would love another Dissidia though....psp had everything.

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TylerOlthoff1379d ago

This video doesn't even scratch the surface of what's coming to vita that's the best part :) so many games I need to get wow!

TheGamez1001379d ago

Freedom Wars and Oreshika should be in the 2nd part :P

Paul_Murphy1379d ago

Part two will be upcoming 2014 games without a release date so I'd expect them to feature.

Chaz30101379d ago

This video is amazing, the Gamescom sizzle reel that never was :P Great work guys, this video shows some of the many great games coming to the Vita this year, can't wait for the next vid!

Paul_Murphy1379d ago

Great job Kyle and Tyler. Exactly when the Vita community needs to get a positive outlook.

Vita owners need to know that games are coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.