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Submitted by toocoolgames_14 548d ago | opinion piece

Why Destiny Will Be The Only FPS You Require In 2014

There's a reason why you'll opt for Destiny over Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this holiday season, and it involves a more in-depth immersion. (Destiny, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

KingKelloggTheWH  +   548d ago
The fact that it and BloodBorne(maybe)/The Order and the Witcher within like 6 months of eachother sucks for me...With the exception of the order those games all seem like ones I might end dropping 100+ in within the first few months.
mikeslemonade  +   548d ago
By default COD wins once again. Can't argue against Destiny's sales but I don't think it will have the legs like a COD.
FamilyGuy  +   548d ago
Destiny is gonna have some long, sexy ass Lola Bunny legs, just you wait an see.

People will still buy CoD and so it's a win win for Activision either way. I could've put 100+ hours into the beta alone if it had lasted another week lol.
nX  +   547d ago
Destiny trumps every CoD, Battlefield, Halo and Killzone for me BY FAR. It has everything I want from a shooter thanks to it's RPG elements, I already knew during the Alpha that this will be my GOTY 2014.
KAEM7  +   547d ago
I think it will be a close race. Destiny will do insanely well for a new IP. They allready have a pre-order new ip record.
Barnaby-Jones  +   548d ago
For me, all I will need is the Halo Master Chief Collection.
Gozer  +   548d ago
Ive seen a lot of websites, and comments about Destinys PvP being just like Halos online MP. That is complete bs. Both use similar gameplay tools (jump, grenade, special power, melee, weapon fire), but they don't play the same whatsoever.
Barnaby-Jones  +   548d ago
Yeah they are different, I know it was a beta but the MP in Destiny felt really unbalanced. I didn't like it because of that and Imo Destiny's MP is more like COD than Halo.
CoLD FiRE  +   548d ago
After playing the Destiny beta I was disappointed by the PVP in the game but I'm looking forward to playing the PVE.

PVP in Destiny was crap and after years of Halo I couldn't believe that shitty PVP in Destiny was made by Bungie, the same people that created the legendary Halo multiplayer! One thing for sure however, Destiny PVP plays nothing like Halo and nowhere as fun or balanced either.
Gozer  +   548d ago
I agree with both of you. Im not sure what Bungies endgame for Destinys PvP is. But I found it to be unbalanced in the beta. Half the weapon types were worthless in the Crucible. The vehicles were pretty much invincible if you were on foot without a super. Contact with an enemy player was pretty much instant kill/death. Nothing like Halo.

I did enjoy the PvE in the Destiny beta though. That's pretty much the only reason I am buying the game.
Johnsonparts23  +   548d ago
@cold fire you're a fool. The pvp only sucked for crappy players. There's 100x more depth to the pvp which is why it's better and too hard for the likes of Halo players. Halos not balanced at all btw, since everyone uses the same 2 guns. Microsoft is becoming the new Nintendo, just relying on one franchise to sell their system. It'll only last so long. Destiny ftw!
Starbucks_Fan  +   548d ago
MCC for me. That will keep me covered for years.
mhunterjr  +   548d ago
With Halo coming out, and COD actually looking interesting for once, there's no way I'll limit myself to Destiny...
user367272  +   548d ago
I will have destiny, MCC, and COD this holiday all on dedicated servers. Plus the XB1 controller is the best FPS controller ever made on console. Good to be a XB1 owner.
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Drithe  +   548d ago
I was really wanting to play the new Borderlands. But now I will wait 6 months and get it for half price ..... after I have mastered Destiny and saved the universe and all.

End of line.
Funantic1  +   548d ago
I'll go with COD over Destiny this year since it looks like it has way more action and better graphics.
Johnsonparts23  +   548d ago
Lol what?? Cod over bungie. It's a new low
FanboyKilla  +   547d ago
@johnsonparts lol is right. he should buy or play a game just because its bungie. lmfao i bet i can guess your console of choice.
Johnsonparts23  +   547d ago
@fanboy wtf does my console of choice have anything to do with it. And yes you should buy a game depending on the developer. What do you do? Buy a game because of a name?? Lol fail! You probably but every cod just because it's cod, like an idiot. Go troll fail somewhere else.
Reddzfoxx  +   547d ago
I don't know if COD will be graphically superior but I do know for a fact its the same old game with just some jumping. They can try to make it look like they changed it but you can't change the players sitting in corners and not PTFO.

The community killed COD for me. And you will always have to fight the gimmicky noob setups... it just gets boring.

Destiny's PVE will likely be the reason most people play as its like Borderlands and the PVP isn't going to be the main staple of the game. But the game feels limited unlike borderlands which after a few weeks you finally start hitting a wall for stuff to do besides collecting the best gear.
LAWSON72  +   548d ago
If I required any shooters this year it is Halo MCC. I need Halo it has been a whole year since I have played it and I am ready for the ultimate Halo experience
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CoLD FiRE  +   548d ago
I stopped playing all Halos as soon as the MCC was announced. I'm waiting for Halo MCC.

Funny thing, after the Xbox One was released and one time when we were playing Halo 4 split screen on the 360 last year, I mentioned to my brother "MS should remaster Halo 4 in 60fps and release it for $20-30" because of how bad the performance got when there was too much on screen while playing in splitscreen. I never thought I'd get this much value for $60.
aviator189  +   548d ago addition to Halo MCC anyways.
Advanced Warfare actually looks pretty decent as well.
bosoxs505  +   548d ago
Advanced Warfare looks good but I'm disliking the gameplay. They always seem to add "more" content in each COD, but they don't make the content fun and balanced like it was in COD 4.
bosoxs505  +   548d ago
I played the Destiny Beta. It felt really good and smooth. The only thing keeping me away from the preorder is content. I'll wait about a week after release to see if it's good or not. The only other FPS I'm getting is the Halo : Master Chief Collection because it is guaranteed to be good and has some of my favorite FPS games in it.
ShaqSoda  +   548d ago
I most likely won't touch Destiny when Halo MCC comes out.
HacSawJimThugin  +   548d ago
Destiny and MCC for me. Borderlands would be on that list but Gearbox is being super wack with that so I'm gonna pass on it until it it comes to the XB1.
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TheTowelBoy  +   548d ago
I'm buying the One for the MCC. Too much value in that game for someone who NEVER played a Halo games single player to pass up.(me)
ape007  +   548d ago
U never played Halo 1 campaign???

trust me you'll be amazed
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ape007  +   548d ago
Dystiny looks good but so is CoD AW and halo MCC will be on top
Meltic  +   547d ago
Lol i forgot about this game with all gaming news from gamescom
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AllAboutGaming  +   547d ago
I'll be getting Advanced Warfare on Nov 3rd. I'm hoping Destiny can keep me occupied until then.
isarai  +   547d ago
Nope, played the alpha and the beta, pretty "Meh" IMO
TheBoy  +   547d ago
Once I complete the campaign, can't see myself playing Destiny for much longer, unless the end-game content is excellent, but considering Destiny is essentially just a stripped down bare bones MMO with only a few explorable areas with a incredibly mediocre, generic, casual and unbalanced PVP, once Halo MCC releases, I don't see myself returning to Destiny anytime soon.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   547d ago
Destiny is the one I have zero interest in. The alpha and beta did nothing for me, I played until about level 7 then jumped into the PvP. After 2 games I was eager to get back to BF4.
Ill try Halo and CoD but wouldn't be surprised if I returned to BF4.
objdadon  +   547d ago
Halo was always pretty boring to me. Never could see what halo fans liked about it, i tried it but it just couldn't keep my attention, everyone uses the same guns, gets boring fast. I had a blast with destiny pvp! I thought it was unbalanced at first but I got really good to the point where it didn't matter what level my opponent was, he/she got owned. It takes skill and strategie!
marioJP87  +   547d ago
Halo MCC and COD : AW ... sorry but Destiny is last on the last.
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