Why Destiny Will Be The Only FPS You Require In 2014

There's a reason why you'll opt for Destiny over Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this holiday season, and it involves a more in-depth immersion.

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KingKelloggTheWH652d ago

The fact that it and BloodBorne(maybe)/The Order and the Witcher within like 6 months of eachother sucks for me...With the exception of the order those games all seem like ones I might end dropping 100+ in within the first few months.

mikeslemonade652d ago

By default COD wins once again. Can't argue against Destiny's sales but I don't think it will have the legs like a COD.

FamilyGuy652d ago

Destiny is gonna have some long, sexy ass Lola Bunny legs, just you wait an see.

People will still buy CoD and so it's a win win for Activision either way. I could've put 100+ hours into the beta alone if it had lasted another week lol.

nX652d ago

Destiny trumps every CoD, Battlefield, Halo and Killzone for me BY FAR. It has everything I want from a shooter thanks to it's RPG elements, I already knew during the Alpha that this will be my GOTY 2014.

KAEM7652d ago

I think it will be a close race. Destiny will do insanely well for a new IP. They allready have a pre-order new ip record.

Barnaby-Jones652d ago

For me, all I will need is the Halo Master Chief Collection.

Gozer652d ago

Ive seen a lot of websites, and comments about Destinys PvP being just like Halos online MP. That is complete bs. Both use similar gameplay tools (jump, grenade, special power, melee, weapon fire), but they don't play the same whatsoever.

Barnaby-Jones652d ago

Yeah they are different, I know it was a beta but the MP in Destiny felt really unbalanced. I didn't like it because of that and Imo Destiny's MP is more like COD than Halo.

CoLD FiRE652d ago

After playing the Destiny beta I was disappointed by the PVP in the game but I'm looking forward to playing the PVE.

PVP in Destiny was crap and after years of Halo I couldn't believe that shitty PVP in Destiny was made by Bungie, the same people that created the legendary Halo multiplayer! One thing for sure however, Destiny PVP plays nothing like Halo and nowhere as fun or balanced either.

Gozer652d ago

I agree with both of you. Im not sure what Bungies endgame for Destinys PvP is. But I found it to be unbalanced in the beta. Half the weapon types were worthless in the Crucible. The vehicles were pretty much invincible if you were on foot without a super. Contact with an enemy player was pretty much instant kill/death. Nothing like Halo.

I did enjoy the PvE in the Destiny beta though. That's pretty much the only reason I am buying the game.

Johnsonparts23652d ago

@cold fire you're a fool. The pvp only sucked for crappy players. There's 100x more depth to the pvp which is why it's better and too hard for the likes of Halo players. Halos not balanced at all btw, since everyone uses the same 2 guns. Microsoft is becoming the new Nintendo, just relying on one franchise to sell their system. It'll only last so long. Destiny ftw!

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Starbucks_Fan652d ago

MCC for me. That will keep me covered for years.

mhunterjr652d ago

With Halo coming out, and COD actually looking interesting for once, there's no way I'll limit myself to Destiny...

user367272652d ago (Edited 652d ago )

I will have destiny, MCC, and COD this holiday all on dedicated servers. Plus the XB1 controller is the best FPS controller ever made on console. Good to be a XB1 owner.

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