Watch Brazil VS Germany full match on PES 2015 PS4, And the first 27 minutes of Metro Redux on PS4

Here is a pure 23 minutes gameplay of PES 2015 on PS4, Playstation Access has uploaded a 23 minutes gameplay video featuring two matches (Brazil VS Germany and Netherlands VS Spain).

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georgenancy1406d ago

as much as i dislike fifa,fifa 15 is looking better than this,terrible animations,running looks unrealistic(way too fast),non existent midfield and outdated graphics.
this is shocking to say the least

XtraTrstrL1406d ago

Yeah, I immediately noticed that the graphics don't look next-gen whatsoever. I see no reason this can't run exactly as is on PS3/360. Not impressive at all.

georgenancy1406d ago

is this running on the new fox engine?if it is then that's very disappointing;mgs 5 looks brilliant even on last gen consoles

monkeyDzoro1406d ago

Actually you're wrong. Faces are better here w/o that gum look of FIFA. Animations are on par with FIFA. And according to what I gathered from previews, feeling when you touch the ball/passes/shoots are better.
But PES collision physic is still below FIFA's.
And it's not the "running", it's the pace. I found the pace in FIFA games too fast, and I always reduce it in the settings. Perhaps you can reduce it here also.
If you really were objective, you'd have noticed that.

RedDevils1406d ago

rather play fifa 14 than this

pompombrum1406d ago

I agree, that's next gen footage? Looks last gen. Gameplay looks decent however the lack of off the ball movement is very noticeable. What will ultimately seal the deal though is the November release date, everyone will be playing Fifa by then and won't care for pes if that's what their "next gen" experience looks like.

We need someone new to come along and try and challenge fifa because it's looking like Konami never will with PES.

ssj271405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

HAHAHA you and all the Fifa fans are full of b/s..

PES15 won best sport game of gamescom s$#% on that haters.. PES the king is back visuals are way better than Fifa15 specially the characters models body.. anymations are way better, physics and gameplay I mean it wons best game sport for a reason..

and visuals are going to still be improved.. specially the lighting are not final.. so the game even at this stage is better than fifa and even nba2k in term of quality and details.. that is a huge archivment I'm glad as a soccer fan.. not just as a PES fan. and I don't get the poin t on hating PES just because you are a fifa fanboy.. just ignore it and play the other one and let me enjoy the BEST SOCCER GAME .. NOT JUST ONLY THE BEST SOCCER GAME BUT THE BEST SPORT GAME FOR 2014!!! haha haters I can't wait to play it.. i guess the wait will be worthy.

iceman061405d ago

Think you are being a little rough on this game. The "non existent" midfield has a lot MORE to do with the way the guys were playing. They were doing a lot of double-team pressuring in the midfield which was drawing them out of position. The midfield is one aspect that PES has outperformed FIFA in for a couple of games now. The graphics are difficult to judge from that camera angle. (which is really high and removed) Though, the pitch looks a little bland. Once you zoom in on players, there's crap ton of detail. You can see the mesh in uniforms and fiber weave in socks. My issue is that they uniforms don't look like they have any flow to them. Running animations are okay. They have traditionally looked a bit stiff. However, the transitions and foot skills are pretty impressive for not needing specific inputs. As for overall graphics, it's difficult to judge because of video compression. They look a bit muddy. But, I've seen other video that looks much better. We will have to see.

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cfc831406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Looks impressive. Not buying fifa this year, so it's pes or nothing. That gameplay looks better than i thought it would be, which to me is the most important part.

HaveAsandwich1406d ago

looks fun, but definitely doesn't look "next gen".

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