ScreamRide bringing futuristic roller coasters and destruction to Xbox in spring 2015

ScreamRide will bring futuristic amusement parks exclusively to Xbox consoles in spring 2015, creator Frontier Developments announced at Microsoft's Gamescom 2014 press conference.

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JGMoney1377d ago

I honestly am really looking forward to this, always loved roller coaster tycoon, hope this is as good. (or better)

KuroKazuma1377d ago ShowReplies(3)
rainslacker1377d ago

Yeah, I love most of the tycoon games.:) This one looks pretty sweet, and meant to let you give into one's evil side a bit.

This was the one new game from MS show that actually has me extremely interested in getting the system. Ori would be the other one, but we already knew about it...but it looks great as well.

Volkama1377d ago

Yup I was immediately interested in this one.

I want to know more of the kind of game it is though. I hope it offers more than just a "build a ride and watch the mayhem" that was featured in the trailer. That looked fun, but it needs a solid management game or something to support it.

rainslacker1376d ago

Most definately. As much fun as it is to send virtual NPC's into random structures, it would get old after a while, even if the premise is to do just that.

I'd imagine the idea behind it is to make a ride where that doesn't actually happen, but still make the people as afraid as possible while on the ride.

Can't be sure from the trailer, but I'd hope there is more than just roller coasters to build. Making an entire theme park, all with scary as hell rides would be a lot of fun, particularly if you there was some management aspect of it too.

700p1377d ago

Yeah this was definitely a shocker to me. BUT i am definitely gonna buy it since it looks really fun. I also heard too that MS recently bought them which is a smart move because i believe these are the guys who made roller coaster tycoon. :)

Muadiib1377d ago

No they didn't buy Frontier and no they are not the guys that made Roller Coaster Tycoon, they are the guys that are making the new and awesome looking Elite Dangerous, I wouldn't be surprised if they announced it as a console exclusive for the X1 at some point though.

Barnaby-Jones1377d ago

This seems like it could be a goofy Rollercoaster Tycoon. I'm down to smash some people through different structures.

tgunzz1377d ago

This game caught me by surprise (pleasantly surprised). Looks very interesting indeed.

schnodder1377d ago

seriously, who needs a game like this MS?

XB1 is loosing big time and they come up with a rollercoaster tycoon clone?


Lenrulesdaworld1377d ago

Its actually made by the same team who now work for ms @ frontier 1st party studio. Should be enjoyable & a lot of fun for fans who like tycoon games.

rainslacker1377d ago

Uhhh...I'd buy an X1 for this game if it's good. I love roller coaster tycoon. Sim games in general tend to be very popular, and quite addictive. This one seems to have a slightly more sadistic premise to it, which is kind of refreshing since Sim games can get kind of samey.

I'd much rather MS work on making content like this, than buying out 3rd party exclusives any day of the week.

Christopher1376d ago

Hey, it's something their competitor doesn't have and I've seen a few people on G+ talking about wanting to play it. This is exactly what we ask MS to do, invest in new IPs in new genres. Looks like they're doing just that here, at least.

Lenrulesdaworld1377d ago

Yo know microsoft is secretly still support 360, most people think they abandoned the console but Screamride, forza hirozon 2, titanfall, RotTR are all gonna be on 360. All exclusive & a timed exclusive on a last gen console. Im inpressed ms keep up the support while adding to next gen. Looking for to this game.

tgunzz1377d ago

Isn't 360 getting project cars as well? BTW I was just thinking about this a few days ago. But 360 was not abandoned after all... Kudos for them. Microsoft is going hard, and I am loving the end result. Keep it going... I am eagerly awaiting their new IP's... Game on.

Tedakin1377d ago

I agree. I hear a lot that MS has abandoned the 360. I don't get that. Forza horizon 2, Titanfall, Tomb Raider, lots of huge games are still coming to the 360. What is coming to the PS3? Sony could have easily put a port of Infamous Second Son or Killzone Shadow Fall on it but they didn't. I'm not fanboying, just stating facts about who is really "abandoning" the last gen. 360 is the only last gen console getting The Crew as well.

ScorpiusX1377d ago

Don't forget it's getting The Crew from Ubisoft also.

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