New Gears of War wasn’t leaked; Xbox and PlayStation Twitch accounts were hacked

People have to really stop believing every little detail equates to a leak. Microsoft did not accidentally reveal the name of the new Gears of War and Sony isn’t actually “sorry” about the Tomb Raider exclusivity–they were hacked.

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GarrusVakarian1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

"Kotaku and NeoGAF are fudgepackers".


GuruMeditation1382d ago

I can only pray that, in order to outright deny that the hack ever took place, Phil Spencer has to hold a press conference confirming that Microsoft's official position on Kotaku and Gaf is "yes, they are pretty much fudgepackers".

die_fiend1382d ago

Sounds like the sort of response that MS would consider reasonable. Before defying me to see the difference between 720p (1m pixels) and 1080p (2m pixels). Apparently only framerate is important

donthate1382d ago

What is interesting is both accounts where hacked. Sounds like a system level attack giving access to both!

Yes, Kotaku and GAF are fudgepackers! I don't read their junk. :D

mixolydian_id1382d ago

I find it hard to believe they were simply 'hacked'.

Hackers have much better things to do then spout crap about games consoles across the web.
Like sabotage, robbing banks and stealing peoples credit card details.

What would any cyber-criminal have to gain with crap like that and in their eyes, just what did they accomplish.

What a farse

Clown_Syndr0me1382d ago

I think most amatuer hackers would rather just do things they find hilarious that risk committing major crimes and serving serious time...

GasTankKiller1381d ago

"but that seems a lot more obvious than a group of community managers losing their shit and leaking things."

lol, I love this comment.

GenericNameHere1381d ago

How could Gears be leaked? They already confirmed there was a new one being made quite a while ago.