The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer Teases Finale

TellTale's The Walking Dead Season 2 finale teased in this short Amid the Ruins trailer.

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crunkthug893d ago

is it still coming out on sep 23rd?

WitWolfy893d ago

It better be!! The suspense is killing me.

crunkthug893d ago

haha, i bought the season pass but didnt play one episode till now. just waiting for the last episode to be released so i can enjoy the whole excperience at once :))

Paprika893d ago

Nice, I wonder if they can create an ending as epic as season 1... literally felt like shit after that lol!!

AudioEppa893d ago

Can't wait for the last ep, then I can play it all 1-5 :)
This will be the last game I play on ps3 before i only play on ps4.

Paprika893d ago

Not interested in the wolf among us?

AudioEppa892d ago

Nope. If it comes to ps4 then maybe I'll look at.

Totoro17893d ago

Terrific game. I love how utterly fearless this game is; it isn't afraid to venture into some dark territories that other games can't afford to. Like Game of Thrones, I like how no character is truly safe and that's what takes this story to a whole new level.