July 2014 NPD: PS4 was No. 1 Once Again

VB writes "Gamers are still spending most of their cash on new hardware.

In July, U.S. consumers spent $514.3 million on new gaming hardware, software, and accessories, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. That’s up 16 percent over last year’s $443.1 million. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One once again accounted for the bulk of that spending."

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ABizzel11584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

LMAO at the gif, bubbles for you good sir. ;D

Creepy Joel FTMW

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NewMonday1584d ago

Sony have their Halo killer!

The Last of Us the top game, this should push it to 10 million soon and past Halo 4

and along with GT Sony now have a second 10 million franchise.

choujij1584d ago

Still no hardware numbers in, unfortunately. Would have been nice to know just how many units each of them moved last month.

@Coolbeans It was worth it. ;)

indyman77771584d ago

Man the more I see people saying there will never be as many consoles sold this generation the more I see sold. Two gens ago we had 185 million from the big three. Last gen we had 285 million of the big three (164 million for ps3 and 360 and 101 million for wii). it seems we are going up not down! And this gen PS4 is selling faster than ps2s first year! PS4 is already at 10 million I'm sure it will get the other .61 million between now and November 22nd which will put it above the PS2 sales. Because at the end of PS2 first year it had 10.61 million sold

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bouzebbal1584d ago

next stop, September and Destiny release!
looks like the beast is unleashed for good!

chrismichaels041584d ago

Congrats to Sony on all of the PS4's well deserved early success. While certain members of the gaming community keep looking for the next excuse to hype up their console and bash the PS4....real gamers all over the world continue to look past all the corporate PR spin and speak with their wallets.

Reaper29r1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Bwahahahaha xD this guy wins picture comment of the year.

@NewMonday not quite dude. While TLoU is my favorite game on PS and one of my all time favs, to call it a halo killer is a bit of a stretch since their not even the same genre. Also your comparing TLoU plus TLoU remastered vs 1 halo game. Try them 1v1 or all of the Halo games, which combine to over 50 million sales (look it up). And when Halo MCC and Halo 5 hit, sales will skyrocket even further.Again not downplaying TLoU, it's a brilliant and beautiful game, but your statement is far from accurate. I wish Sony would make an FPS that could compete (talking first or second party). The closest IMO was KZ2 (which was good).

NewMonday1583d ago


I meant as a big action franchise that sells 10 million, this is the first from Sony.

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GarrusVakarian1584d ago

Haha, nice, I just saw that on GAF.

adonis1831584d ago

Playstation Domination!!!!

Playstation is life Playstation is Love.

dastar1011584d ago

LOL. Do you actually play anything on your playstation or is it just kept up high on a podium with candles lit around it and a worshiping mat placed underneath like some sort of sacred shrine? That's the sort of impression I get when I see these types of comments.

Conzul1584d ago

Oh so we shouldn't be doing that? DAMMIT!
[shuffles off to clear away candles]

Muzikguy1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Keep worshipping yor PS4 if you want to, I've seen people worship other questionable things before (things being not people lol)

mediate-this1583d ago

@adonis, you sound like you belong in a cult. Playstation is a console we play our games on nothing more.

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chito1016d1584d ago

I don't even have a ps4 and I laughed lol bubble up

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SoapShoes1584d ago

Holy crap! On Gaf it's being reported that PS4 > Xbox Family... PS4 sold more than X1 and 360 combined!

TAURUS-5551584d ago

im so glad i didnt buy an xbox1

ABizzel11584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Don't be like that. It was smart not to buy it at launch, which is why I told everyone to wait. That mainly to make sure their policies changed, and since it had the highest price it was going to be the console to drop price first (as history has "generally" proven), but it's still a worthwhile console to have especially heading into 2015 where by then all of them will be worthwhile.

kenshiro1001584d ago

They were No. 1 again?!

Holllly craaaap. O_O

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ape0071584d ago

wow, playstation is dominating

GasTankKiller1584d ago

Even though its right there written in digital black and white. People are still disagreeing with this statement.

EmptySkyForm1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

When I read that I thought of this.

SoapShoes1584d ago

On Gaf it's being reported that PS4 > Xbox Family... PS4 sold more than X1 and 360 combined!

Gamer19821584d ago

Last of Us is having such an impact on top of sales it actually is selling consoles on top of the fact Sony is dominating anyway. As great as uncharted was it feels like it was a practice stage for naughty dog to get out TLOU there real masterpiece. Saying that I expect Uncharted 4 to sell an insane amount of copies.

kenshiro1001584d ago

I have to get one for Christmas. Seriously, this is madness.

poor_cus_of_games1584d ago

Madness? This is playstation!!!!!

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