Free To Play - Fallout: New Vegas

In this article, Derik Moore discusses Fallout: New Vegas, and how all the factions represent different corners of the Nolan chart!

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caseh1218d ago

Agreed, I came in thinking it had gone free to play...

rizzardcore1218d ago

You all know very well that a recent Fallout game would not be free.

Simco8761218d ago

lol Free to Play? It would mean just given away, no micro transaction unless you want to access certain areas of the Mojave for $1.99.

I got this on the Fallout Steam Sale for $4.99 and that's with all the DLC. Played Vanilla on release, and the DLC is worth it! Great game, can't wait until Fallout 4!

rizzardcore1218d ago

You may enjoy the article; it covers the politics behind the various factions in New Vegas. "Free to Play" is a play on words ;)

Simco8761214d ago

Thanks for the info! I will check it out!

LumpztheClown1212d ago

I, for one Derik, enjoy my free(dom) to play! Great article, man! :-)