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Why I Love The Dead Island Series

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"Dead Island is a very polarizing series that some absolutely hate, but some gamers absolutely love. Personally I'm in the camp that loves the Dead Island franchise. It's a series that has taken a lot of flack in recent years, but through it all, my love for Techland's, and now Yager Development's, zombie franchise has not wavered? Why you ask? let's take a look!" (Dead Island, Dead Island 2, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Goro  +   382d ago
Dead Island is the most fun i've ever had in a co-op game.
Scark92  +   382d ago
No doubt, great game.
FlyingFoxy  +   382d ago
Fun? i barely played the first one, made me feel sickly after 20 mins due to all the poor graphical effects and camera sway.. literally the only game i've ever gotten that from, except maybe other than Descent on PS1.

Tripwire and Valve make way better zombie Co-op games, more fun and not so broken.
Scrivlar  +   382d ago
Takes waaaay too many hits to kill the zombies for me, like the brute ones I had to hit about 30 times before he went down. Made the game far too repetitive, if they change that it could be a great one.
RustedMan  +   382d ago
"The dialogue is super cheesy, the acting is not anything to shake a stick at and the set pieces seem pretty cliche."


what happened?
that's why people are so divided over it. It was not intended to be similar in style to a "cheesy low budget horror movie". It just ended up being that way.
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NinjaRichParty  +   382d ago
Oh I know that, but I still enjoy it. I know they didn't mean to create something like they did, but the end product is still something that I enjoyed my time with.
iceman06  +   381d ago
I'm with you on that! I just enjoy the overall co-op experience. Oh...and the theme songs!!! I guess Dead Island will go down as the Sharknado of video games.
dastar101  +   382d ago
While I enjoyed the first game, Dead Island Riptide was a bug fest with some of the worst voice acting/dialogue I have ever heard.
Hazmat13  +   382d ago
my dead island experience is like this. "man this game is fun, oh hey an infected *gets hit* THATS FU*KIN BULLSH*T I HIT YOU FIRST! aaannnnnddd repeat.
xDHAV0K24x  +   381d ago
I'll stick with Dead Rising
retro_  +   381d ago
I'll stick with Dead Island
Muzikguy  +   381d ago
I was pleasantly surprised with the first Dead Island game. It was nothing what I expected, one of those sleeper hits IMO. I loved that feeling of helplessness when I got surrounded or scared to venture too far because I wasn't sure I was ready. That's what made the game so much fun! I traded it in to get the 2nd game but decided against it. Now we have all these zombie games coming out it's just insane!
NinjaRichParty  +   381d ago
I am very excited to get my hands on Dying Light. Hopefully these delays are for the better!

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