Sony Claims Victory for July NPD, Remains 'The Leader for Next Generation Game Consoles'

Hardcore Gamer: Sony has just issue a statement from the July NPD report.

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MightyNoX1313d ago

#1 in console sales
#1 in game sales
Dat Sony domination
7 months down
5 months to go!

Zones1313d ago

The highlight to me from the results is "PlayStation 4 games accounted for more than half of total next generation software sales.".

Abash1313d ago

PS4 is in a league of it's own, Sony deserves all the success they achieved

MightyNoX1313d ago

@Zones: So what you're trying to say is--- Square Enix made a huge mistake. :P

iamnsuperman1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Granted the last of us would have helped that but that is insanely impressive

XisThatKid1313d ago

We'd be foolish to think otherwise in hardware sales, PS4 has approx a 4-5 mill lead on X1 and 3-4 from Wii U that isn't going to shrink to nothin anytime soon.

TomShoe1313d ago Show
NatureOfLogic_1313d ago

Keep in mind that tlou is number one with only a last few days of count. That's very impressive.

Eonjay1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

June Results

PS4 - 269K
XB1 - 197k
3DS - 152k
Wii U - 140k
360 - 62k
PS3 - 42k

GarrusVakarian1313d ago

It's ridiculous how much and how consistently the PS4 is dominating. I genuinely thought things would start to even out once the X1 got that $100 price drop, but nope.

And TLoU is number one for the entire month of July, despite only a few days worth of sales being counted? As I said, it's ridiculous.

Bathyj1313d ago

Got a source for that Eonjay?

Impressive if true.

Not to sound like a broken record but this answers the question some were asking about whether anyone wanted a PS4 version of one of the best games ever made.

zeuanimals1312d ago


Those are June numbers, this is July NPD.

MS said this: “Xbox One continues to sell at a strong and steady pace following the release of the $399 console in June, when month-to-month sales more than doubled,” a Microsoft spokesperson told GamesBeat. “We continued to see this momentum in July.”

If they mean to say that they sold around 200K like in June, then we know that the PS4 sold somewhere above that, we just don't know the specifics.

trenso11312d ago

i was just about to post the same thing. Its crazy that more than half is just on ps4 alone. And to think Tomb Raider was made a timed exclusive for what?

sonarus1312d ago

I am surprised last of us did so well. However, not surprised that ps4 is in the lead. Microsoft needs to do something new to close the gap. Titanfall hasn't worked and neither had 100 dolls price drop. Gamers just dnt view Xbox one weaker system as a better value than ps4. I believe xbox must drop to about 350 to compensate for the weaker system

SilentNegotiator1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

For a system with "no games", it's selling a lot of them.

choujij1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

From NeoGAF:
"Originally Posted by creamsugar:
Xbox family < PS4"

It alone is outselling the whole Xbox family in it's strongest market. Dat domination. XD

amiga-man1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Aint no stopping this train.

donthate1312d ago

I thought PS4 would be boosted more by Last of Us remaster. Wii U is doing surprisingly good and bad at the same time. I am surprised it is that high, but it is in third place.

MS is right in the middle in their strongest territory, so they need to bring the guns out.

Sheikh Yerbouti1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

What's it really all about, huh? Software sales. XBox had sold more last gen, but by a small margin. So don't call it a comeback...! Kazuo said knock you out.

chrismichaels041312d ago

Congrats to Sony on all of the PS4's well deserved early success. While certain members of the gaming community keep looking for the next excuse to hype up their console and bash the PS4....real gamers all over the world continue to look past all the corporate PR spin and speak with their wallets.

FFXI1011312d ago

That number will continue to increase when Destiny and the PS4 Bundle come out in September.

Boody-Bandit1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )


"And to think Tomb Raider was made a timed exclusive for what?"

A truck load of money.

On topic:
The gap is widening worldwide every week. TLOU:Remastered was released 7/29. I know that game alone will give the PS4 a decent boost in most regions that will show up on the next NPD and other media charts.

When Destiny hits I'm expecting Sony to have another significant boost with their bundle deal. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Sony out sells MS by 2 to 1 in NA.

This just goes to show what a poor decision SE and Crystal Dynamics made with the Rise of TR. By the time that game hit retails Sony could possibly have a 3 to 1 lead over MS and PS fans will be more apt to buy UC4 and TLOU2. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a significant amount of PS4 consumers snub their nose at Rise:TR.

I played it on both the X1 and PS4 and to me it's not a game you purchase a system to play. I just hope the money MS paid will offset the loss SE will see from disgruntled PC and Sony fans.

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XStation1313d ago

Please wait until November come.

BitbyDeath1313d ago

Yea, if they don't do it then they never will.

XStation1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

They can again when Halo 5 comes out, or GOW 4 and etc...

Halo MCC mainly, but Sunset Overdrive can help due to it coming out at the end of October leading into November.

I clearly said wait until November, not September. Titanfall was on PC and 360. These games are only on the Xbox One. Oh and since you're bringing up Amazon sales, Halo MCC been in the top 20 and higher for months (not anymore tho) and is still in the top for best selling games on Gamestop.

Chevalier1313d ago

Titanfall did next to nothing. The COD and SSO bundles have already dropped on the charts at so not sure how it'll help, but, I'm guessing with Destiny bundles and being the most preordered game of all time along with the vast majority on PS4 I'd like to see if those 2 titles you suggest help any.

sparta761313d ago

Sure, since you asked nicely.
And then we'll wait for halo5, then we'll wait for next November and for gears then next November. Is that cool with you? ;)

ABizzel11312d ago

The thing is this is only NPD, and when you add WW numbers into the equation the gap between the two is vastly different.


I don't think even Halo: MCC will help them, the PS4 has been outselling the XBO by a good margin with pretty much the same library of games (excluding exclusives of course). November also has Far Cry 4, Dragon Age, probably Assassin's Creed Unity, and Little Big Planet 3 for PS4, as well as the holiday boost season.

I don't think simply having Halo: MCC is going to be enough to push it pass the PS4, but I agree it should be a really close match; however, is winning 1 month out of a year really a win, and looking at WW numbers is even worse. MS needs to have their full WW launch (which should help in EU at least), and starting 2015 they need to have a price drop to $349 during tax season in the US, and scoop up that money.

They're not going to outsell the PS4 consistently without some drastic changes ($199 XBO through cable subscriptions), so they need to focus on having strategic wins such, full WW launch by holiday 2014, tax season price cut $349, amazing holiday bundles for 2015 (Halo 5 + Halo: MCC bundle + Gears of War Beta, Forza Horizon 2 + Forza 6 bundle). These are the kind of battles they need to use to make their way to second place, and to offer value so in the eyes of consumers the XBO is should be the second console people pick up, and not the Wii U.

They need stealth wins.

BiggerBoss1312d ago

Even if the MCC somehow made Xbox win in sales for November, THATS JUST ONE MONTH. Ps4 has been consistently outselling Xbox for over half a year now in the US, one month of Xbox victory will NOT turn that around.

Kribwalker1312d ago


The 360 outsold the PS3 for 32 consecutive months on NPD. One year ain't got anything on that record.

On topic, congrats sony, but it does seem as if the NA gap is slowly closing

trenso11312d ago

i hope to god your precious MCC helps X1 win november or december or both, cause it will just be embarrassing if it doesn't move enough consoles to out sell the ps4.

avengers19781312d ago

@xstation sure halo mcc is doing well but XB1 isn't doing so hot, and I imagine that a lot of people getting halo mcc already have XB1s... Oh and Sunset Overdrive isn't doing so great, and I don't really see that as a system seller...

choujij1312d ago

The fact we're even debating this regarding how well it sells on it's home turf, speaks volumes.

We can clearly see the Xbone is drowning. And even if it does manage to come up for one last breath of air in November, after that it'll be pulled down in the undercurrent, likely never to surface again.

AceBlazer131312d ago

Lol I just have to laugh at Xbox fans sometimes. How is being outsold every month closing the gap? When the numbers are close the gap just doesn't open as wide, it still opens though. Simple math, heck it's common sense.

rainslacker1312d ago

We've been hearing "Wait until _____insert next big thing here____" since the reveal of the system.

I will concede that it's too early to call a winner, but if PS is dominating despite so many claiming it has no games, then what is the point in expecting MS to do better if they already have games and according to some better game incoming at a later date, and it still can't sell better than the PS4?

kingvendrick1312d ago

@XStation, you are clutching at straws. If Titanfall, the most hyped game ever couldn't do, it what hope has Sunset Overdrive got.

Pretty much none.

avengers19781312d ago

@kribwalker for the gap to close XB1 has to out sell the PS4... If PS4 sells 50,000 more consoles the gap grew by 50,000. These gap closing comments need to stop until XB1 actually out sells the PS4.

outsider16241312d ago

ok i will! but you better be here come november. I might wanna have a word with you.

darren_poolies1312d ago

"First console to reach 10 million units wins the generation battle"

Said by Don Mattrick himself!

kenshiro1001312d ago

Wait until E3.
Wait until Titanfall.
Wait until pricecut.
Wait until Gamescon.

Just stop.

Microsoft screwed up big time. They're not going to recover from that PR blunder.

PONTIAC08G8GT1312d ago

Wow, the hatred is strong in this topic. All the guy was saying was wait until some of MS big hitters come out. Sunset Overdrive and Halo will sell systems. PS has TLOU right now to help sales, while X1 has......nothing. Neither system right now really has a slew of games to help sell. Be interested to see from Oct - Dec how sales go as more exclusives for each console come out. But geez, no need to jump all over this dude because he didn't praise Sony. You guys are so defensive, relax.

kenshiro1001312d ago


Sunset Overdrive isn't going to move consoles and anyone who enjoys Halo will be the ones buying it.

What Microsoft needs are blockbusters, not rehashed franchises.

greenlantern28141312d ago

Why? Because you think xb1 will win November? And if it wins is that somehow making up for the by thAn 10 months in a row it lost? Or do you fool heartedly believe that MS will just start to dominate sales around the world and erase the Sony lead.

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GTgamer1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Who gonna stop the PS4 train Not you Not you Not you and damnnnnnnnn Sure Not You ಠ_ಠ yeah you know who you are >:D stop looking at my damn comment.

come_bom1312d ago

Good. Everyone is happy :)

Congrats to everyone.

zeuanimals1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )


Lockon1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

I really hope Sony surpasses Xbox 360s streak of consecutive months with the most sales with PS4.

mixolydian_id1312d ago

Oh dear guy.

Ps is more popular, that is all.
Doesn't mean it's the best

I listen to completely different music, my taste is alternative, yours is popular.
Does that mean yours is better? Nope
Just more popular

As long as xbox is still a great experience and continue as they have done since last year, I'll continue being a satisfied customer.

spacedelete1312d ago

PS4 is more not only popular but it is also the best. better graphics, more powerful, more exclusives, third party ports look better, better controller, PS plus, remote play and so much more. unless your addicted to Halo which is past its sell by date anyway and is yesterdays news that you would be a fool to buy an Xbox One instead of a PS4.

Xbox is not a great experience. worse controller to the 360, worse everything and all of its best games are on the PS4 or sooner or later will be released on PS4.

Clunkyd1312d ago

What...It cant be popular and better?
Maybe people are buying a ps4 because is the better buy, dont you think? I'm sure they aren't forcing themselves to buy a ps4.

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ValKilmer1313d ago

We'll see if they're singing the same song when Rise of the Tomb Raider releases.

DanielGearSolid1313d ago

You realize that's a year and a half away...


Uc4 will be launching around the same time

Kayant1313d ago

wut? sometimes you really shouldn't comment on all your submitted pieces.

OT -
That's some domination right there. Also no Xbox PR for the fourth month running.

MightyNoX1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

And thank whatever deity you want to name for that. I really can't stand Baghdad Larry's mind-numbingly insulting "Xbawks remains the hottest. How hot? Like *ssss* this hot!" PR statements.

Rimeskeem1313d ago

Uncharted 4 will murder Tomb Raider

loopygames1313d ago

I'm sure Halo 5 will do some damage to Tomb Raider along with the other games releasing during that timeframe. If you look at the release schedule of Sunset OverDrive this year, Microsoft is essentially setting it up to fail. Releasing it on the same day as AC Unity and 1 week away from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Halo Master Chief Collection comes right after that.

FriedGoat1312d ago

I love halo, but the way things are going, I really don't think i'm gonna pick up an xbox for the master chief collection this year.

MegaRay1313d ago

Haha! Bubble +funny...... Wait you're serious? why did you submitted this article if you didnt like what it contains?

HaveAsandwich1313d ago

do xbox users even play tomb raider?

MonsterChef1312d ago

Judging by how bad sales for tomb raider on both the 360 and one did, no, I mean they are a few that do play the games but my guess is that it's as small as the group that plays titles such as Alan Wake, and those are facts

rainslacker1312d ago

It sold almost 1.8 million copies on the 360. Can't remember the X1 numbers, but believe it was around 250K.

That's not a small number by any means. But it's still not a system seller.

SuperBlur1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Rise of wh-- ? Oh it fell hard quickly

ValKilmer1313d ago

Sometimes my jokes goes over people's heads...

johndoe112111313d ago

you forgot the \ at the end.

SilentNegotiator1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Try a joke that's actually funny, instead of blatant trolling. Even if you were trolling to be ironic, it's still trolling.

Skankinruby1313d ago

Lol you think after this backlash rise of the tomb raider is gonna make a dent?

black0o1312d ago

this just made my day xDDDDDDDDDD

Eddie201011312d ago

Valkilmer, you joker you.