Will a Timed Exclusive Make You Purchase an Xbox One?

Microsoft dealt a huge blow to Sony, taking away rights to release Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2015. But more important than that is the blow dealt to actual gamers who don’t currently own an Xbox One. True, there are plenty of great games slated for 2015 holiday release, but could this Microsoft tactic actually turn into substantially units moving off the shelves? While the release of SquareEnix’s Tomb Raider may not have hit the numbers the company had hoped for, critics and players alike generally loved the game for it’s fresh take on the franchise.But did they love it enough to purchase a new console in order to play the sequel in 2015?

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cfc781197d ago

You'd have to be one hell of a Tomb Raider fan to think the answer was yes.

Relientk771197d ago

And I think there are more Tomb Raider fans on PlayStation than Xbox

TomShoe1197d ago

No, I'm going to either buy it used or not at all. Square isn't getting my money for these shady business tactics.

I prefer Uncharted anyway.

darthv721197d ago

A timed exclusive game, no. A selection of fun to play games should be the reason someone purchases a system.

Mr Pumblechook1197d ago

Microsoft and Square Enix will do it all again with Final Fantasy XV.

ShinMaster1197d ago

NO because:

a) It's timed
b) Not gonna spend hundreds $$$ on another console for 1 game.

levian1197d ago

Nope, but exclusive games like Project Spark may.

MRMagoo1231197d ago

The only thing that could get me to buy an xbone would be for another company besides MS owning the brand.

mikeslemonade1197d ago

I plan on buying a X1 but came away less enthusiastic from the briefing. TR doesn't matter for me because I did not like the most recent TR. Sunset OD, the more I see it the less interesting it is. Quantam Break, looks like spectacle but questionable gameplay.

I like the Sunset OD white X1 bundle though.

hakeem09961196d ago

Microsoft is banking on it with Tomb Raider 2015 exclusivity .
Sony is banking on it with DESTINY timed exclusive content and bundle .

choujij1196d ago

Given the lack of games the past few years and the stuff they pulled and continue to pull this gen, no longer will real exclusives make me to buy an Xbox One, let alone timed ones.

JoySticksFTW1196d ago

When I can wait a few months and play both on PS4?

LOL, yeah sure I'll buy an Xbox 1 for this /s

XB1_PS41196d ago

If they bought Destiny, exclusive, right now. The world would explode.

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Relientk771197d ago


Timed exclusives, really?

who cares, everyone gets them sooner or later

Dudebro901197d ago

Then why does Sony spend so much time getting timed indie exclusives?

Baka-akaB1197d ago

because it's probably cheaper ?

zeuanimals1197d ago


They're not timed because Sony paid for them, they're timed because indie dev studios are small and can only work on one platform at a time. One reason a lot of indies are going to choose Sony is because the installbase is twice as big, meaning they can make bigger immediate returns before they start working on the other versions.

Sony's also helping them with publicity since lots of indies go unnoticed but Sony's putting them front stage and this is very desirable for small teams that can't afford to advertise their games themselves, so another reason to go to Sony first.

There's also a lot of games that are made by indie devs but are being fully funded by Sony and some are even being co-developed by Sony's studios, namely Sony Santa Monica which has helped tons of studios make games.

Askanison41197d ago


You realise Sony also pays for exclusives? The don't do everything out of the kindness of their hearts. They are a business.

Chillstep1197d ago

@Askanison4 Sony always co-develops 3rd party exclusives.

Askanison41197d ago

What's with the disagrees?

You disagree that Sony are a business? Or that they buy exclusives?

Both are true. Nothing to disagree with.

zeuanimals1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


I realize they're a business, but so are Nintendo, I don't see them moneyhatting anyone. Even Bayonetta 2, which is 3rd party isn't moneyhatted, it wouldn't have been made without Nintendo's help since it wasn't getting any funding and Nintendo stepped in to fund it. MS did the same thing for Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, and Sunset Overdrive and it's a good thing since in the end, the games were made. There's consumer friendly ways to run a business and obviously there's non-consumer friendly ways of running a business. One company tried to screw everyone last year, one company didn't, but they're both companies.

And I didn't say Sony doesn't pay for exclusive things, but what Sony pays for tends to be content and not entire games. MS was the one to start the exclusive content stuff last-gen and if Sony didn't follow, then MS would have had an advantage that Sony didn't have. If we want exclusive content in games to end, then both have to stop. It'll actually be better for everyone (except the devs who want the money), including themselves since they don't have to pay for exclusive content and we don't get gimped games, but having this happen is tough since they both believe that the other side is gonna keep buying exclusive content.

The games Sony do pay for are games that need help, either with funding or with manpower and Sony can provide both as well as a platform with lots of users. Without Sony, tons of indie games wouldn't have been made.

Hello Games' game before No Man's Sky was Joe Danger, and they wouldn't have made it without Sony helping them since nobody else would, same with plenty of other games.

Crystal Dynamics should have the manpower and funding to work on more than just the Xbox One for Tomb Raider, but MS paid to keep it off of other platforms for a while. People were even able to preorder the game on other systems prior to it being announced as an "exclusive". That's different from funding a game so it'll be made since TR was already going to be made for other platforms and probably already is being made for other platforms as we speak, they just have to wait to release those versions. It helps nobody and it brings no new games to the table, it just limits what platforms a game initially releases on.

Edit: I believe the only moneyhatted game from Sony was Haze which was supposed to go to other platforms but became exclusive. That was 6 years ago. There might be more but that's the only one that comes to mind. Everything else is either funded by Sony so it'll be made in the first place or devs just don't want to bother with other consoles, like plenty of Japanese games which don't go to Xbox consoles for obvious reasons.

700p1197d ago

It depends on that really. If the timed exclusive is coming out on pc as well as an xbox. Then of course xbox one ftw. Not everyone pc games. Most dont.

lilbrat231197d ago

Will a Timed Exclusive Make You Purchase an Xbox One? NOPE!

DigitalRaptor1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

@ Dudebro90

Why, you ask?

They're all creative new IPs from smaller studios that Sony employees believe in, and the developers involved also believe strongly in the platform they are focusing their resources on.

That is REALLY how you procure good relationships and get developers to want to work on your console.

And from these deals comes direct support in a first party sense, not just "having that on your system cause you don't have enough big exclusives of your own".

Plus... Sony doesn't have a stupid parity clause, and it's the console with the largest install base by millions. If these devs can agree to only work on one platform, because of the size of their team, it's going to be PS4.

Shouldn't be at all surprising.

Gamer19821196d ago

"Then why does Sony spend so much time getting timed indie exclusives? " The fact is they dont.
People really think Sony pay for indies?? Sony for all there changes still have a little bit of big headedness about them and wont pay for games outside there 1st parties. They may do the dlc content bit but that's about it as that gets enough sales to make up for initial outlay.

The reason devs come to Sony first is they can only afford one console at a time as there indie devs and don't have big publishers behind them to do multi-platform releases. So they choose Sony as its easier and better for them in most cases especialyl as a lot of them have been burn't in the past by MS on the 360 with stuff like charging for every patch (FEZ still broke on 360 as dev refuses to pay for patch and spent all his 360 profits on patches so made no money).

bouzebbal1196d ago

in better version (1080p, DLCs)... if thegame is any good then the GOTY version will come to PS4.

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XStation1197d ago

I heard it's being published my MS. I'm hearing it's coming to PC later, but not any other console other than Xbox.

DarkZane1197d ago

It's being published by Square-Enix, not MS.

XStation1197d ago


Phil Spencer compared the deal to Ryse and DR3 tho. If that's the case then it will come to PC, but not other consoles other than Xbox.

Master-H1197d ago

It appears you're hearing an awful lot of stuff, all of which don't work in favor of ps4 owners, hmmm i wonder why and who is your source, Mr X Media perhaps ?

Skips1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

"Phil Spencer compared the deal to Ryse and DR3 tho"

1. He compares them but definitely DOES NOT say they are the same deal. (Some fanboys are seriously reaching when they pull this lol).

2. Phil also said MS had absolutely no control whatsoever after the duration ends as to where Square Enix wants to put the game. Phil Spencer - "Yes, the deal has a duration. I didn't buy it. I don't know where else Tomb Raider goes." <--- Seriously don't know how it could get any clearer than that. LMFAO!!!! XD

3. Microsft published BOTH Ryse and Dead Rising 3. Square Enix is publishing ROTTR.

4. Since Square is publishing the game and Phil himself said they have no control where they want to put the game after the duration ends. Why on Earth would Square miss out the console whose last game outsold the Xbone version by more than 2:1. XD

5. PS4 is massively curbstomping the Xbone into the ground and is on track to selling over double while still widening the gap. Why on Earth would Square want to miss out on that market share in general. XD

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Letthewookiewin1197d ago

No. Im very patient. Plus there are going to be so many games out next year Ill be overwhelmed as it is.

user3672721197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

No...I already got one because of games like Halo MCC, Halo 5, 2 consecutive year of Forza, 2 seasons of Killer Instinct, Dead Rising, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Project Spark, Titanfall, Fable Legends and many great third party games like Destiny, COD, and Assassin's Creed Unity. tomb Raider is just a piece of the puzzle.

greenlantern28141196d ago

Yup I really don't think anyone buys a console for 1 game. They get them for many games like your list and would you the gamer really care if ROTR was going to be on other consoles.
If I ever get an XB1 it will be because QB, Sunset Overdrive, project spark and Fable Legends.

jimjam34421197d ago

the only game microsoft could announce that would make me get an xbox 1 would either be conkers bad fur day 2, or perfect dark 2.

ThePope1197d ago

No one game should make you get ANY console (though I did buy a PS3 for Metal gear, but played all the exclusives).

If you get an X1 it should be for ALL the amazing exclusives, same as the PS4. And for those that say the X1 has no great exclusives. Delete your account, shut off your computer, and throw it off your roof, because you bring nothing to the table.

DevilOgreFish1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

"Will a Timed Exclusive Make You Purchase an Xbox One?"

I don't think so. But if you were leaning towards that platform for some time on other reasons, then it may be one more reason. Also, timed exclusives don't always land on a 6 month waiting period, some games have taken much longer.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1197d ago

Absolutely not. I was planning on getting an x1 anyway though. Sunset overdrive, Halo collection, Halo 5, and some cool looking indies were enough to finally sway me. Gonna get it used though.

Antifan1197d ago

Simple as that. By the time TR comes to PC/PS4, it would be $15-20 cheaper with less bugs. Xbox is our beta tester.

Aquariusgamer1197d ago

this move only makes me hate microsoft, so why the fuck would it make me buy an x1 to support them? if anything, people aren't going to by an x1 out of spite because of this.

ThePope1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Fewer people then you think.

Most people don't have such a ridicules overreaction like you. In fact most don't care. You should buy an X1 not for one game, but for all the amazing exclusives. And a controller you don't have to plug in every other play session.

No I know you don't like the exclusives MS is coming out with cause their junk. And only Sony knows how to release good games. I hope you feel that way so you and those like you NEVER get to play the awesome X1 exclusives.

Hate Microsoft are you,serious? Then you better hate Sony to because MS didn't invent this kind of stuff, Sony did. But I'm sure to you that's ok

rainslacker1197d ago


Fewer than many may assume, but look at the anger. 12.5K signatures on the petition to get it multiplat(5000 in less than 8 hours). 8500 mostly angry comments of people swearing off CD and some SE and MS on the tombraider blog...and still counting, it was trending negatively on twitter for a couple days, and it made the rounds on some facebook pages. It also got the attention of some popular youtube hosts, and has been the most talked about subject so far from Gamescon(again, mostly negative).

So no, I don't think the number of people turned off from the Xbox brand is minuscule. I also don't think it's massive. But it's enough where this move by MS backfired on them. Between the DRM fiasco and this(and only God can imagine what's next), people are starting to see MS in a new light, and it's not a flattering light. Funny thing is, this is how MS has always been, but no one listened when people said it when they first stepped into the console market.

TheRealHeisenberg1196d ago

You know your mind was already made up about not supporting Xbox. This just gave you another reason to spew more anti-MS rhetoric here on N4G.


Agree 100%. Bubble up.

dj3boud1196d ago

Even if Rise of Tomb Raider gets released on other platform i still wont buy it, disgusted.

tgunzz1196d ago

Tomb raider is one of the many reasons to own an xb1...

Fanci1196d ago

Just because this site's majority population are pro-ps4, doesn't mean there are far less Tomb Raider fans on the Xbox platform. I think you will find a huge fan base on all consoles.

jhenri1196d ago

You're right but the fact that the last Tomb Raider game sold more on Sony consoles means there are less fans on the x-box

greenlantern28141196d ago

The Tomb Raider reboot sold more on ps3 than 360 and better on PS4 than XB1 so that means sony has more TR fans. Also the PS4 has double the install base as XB1 so more potential customers to buy the game

GW2121195d ago

Yup. I would say about twice as many pro-PS4 people on this site.

Makes some sense given there have been twice as many PS4s sold compared to XB1.

callahan091196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Who would? It makes no sense to choose a console due to timed exclusivity, if you're already aware that it's timed.

OK, ok, maybe I would *for the right game*.

I'm one of those crazy Demon's / Dark Souls obsessed people (my favorite games of last gen, easily, and right up there with Symphony of the Night in my top 5 all-time games), and if Bloodborne was coming to Xbox One, even if it was a known timed exclusive, I'd probably buy an Xone to play it without waiting the six months or a year or whatever for a PS4 port, because I love the game that much I need to play it ASAP. But Tomb Raider? Somehow I don't think that's the kind of experience that would give anyone that kind of rabid need to play it ASAP.

Aceman181196d ago

nah not really for me to buy a console i need a bunch of games that i'm interested in.

right now the X1 only has Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive that i'm interested in. i'll wait till the systems a bit cheaper and QB is out before purchasing one.

now if i came into some free extra money that's enough to help with purchase of system then i'll buy one lol.

GordonKnight1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )


I have both PS4 & X1 already, but I'll take it a step further. More then likely I'll wait for the PS4 version. My X1 purchase wasn't for 3rd party games.

BallsEye1196d ago

The amount of butthurt articles on n4g after TR exclusivity reveal is annoying. Get over it.

Kidmyst1196d ago

If I am waiting a year or so for a game, I can wait a few more months. By the time Tomb Raider comes out I'll have plenty to play and keep me busy. Heck, Sony may even offer the LOU remastered free on Plus as a tactic too.

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DarkOcelet1197d ago

No . And its already cross gen so i will play it on my 360.

loopygames1197d ago

I don't even understand why they made it available for Xbox 360 but not the PC. The purpose of the exclusivity is to hurt Sony but they took the game away from PC owners also.

rainslacker1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

So Sony fans wouldn't just say, "Whatever, I'll just play it on PC", like they did with TitanFall.

Keeping it on the 360 and X1, makes it a true console exclusive(for now), whereas the definition of what exclusive meant was debated for TitanFall.

Honestly though, MS would have been better off getting it full X1 exclusive instead, as if it's cross-gen, it isn't a big thing to upgrade for...particularly since the last one looked and played pretty good on last gen, and the definitive edition didn't improve on that a whole lot to make the difference worth a $400 console.

OTOH, by fall 2015, MS will likely have dropped the 360 off into the abyss when it comes to support.

Gamer19821196d ago

They took away from PC because that was part of the deal. Its all about how you value the market and what you think will get you sales. PC is a big player in the market these days and although people look at PC sales of games and think differn't they don't realise sites like VGchartz etc only get retail copies sales not digital and 90% of PC gamers buy digital nowadays. So PC copies sell just as well as MS found out with titanfall and PC version hurting sales.

Putting on 360 makes no sense though as I feel they don't knwo there own identity. On one hand they want those 360 sales to keep going so they release it on the 360 like with titanfall but on the other they must realise its partly the reason its falling so far behind the ps4 who are doing true next generation exclusives, I mean we didn't see the new infamous on ps3 etc.. That's what's holding MS back and until they let the 360 leash go and do some xbox one ONLY exclusives not 360 they will never start to claw up the sales ladder.

Jackhass1197d ago

Guess it depends on how long that timed exclusivity is!

Tetsujin1197d ago

I waited patiently for Mass Effect to come to the PS3, while some would argue "I wanted beyond the life of the game" I was still able to experience it. I did the same with Bioshock, and a few other games.

HappyWithOneBubble1197d ago

There's really no game that I want to buy a XB1 for.

MRMagoo1231197d ago

I would say no as well, I would get one if it wasnt MS.

historically tho thumbs up meant they would die and thumb sideways meant they could live, the thumbs down came wayyyyyyy after the roman circus shows.

GamersHeaven1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Hell no its called timed exclusive for a reason if it was a true exclusive than maybe down the road but that's not the case.