Square Enix Ready For Xbox One Version of Final Fantasy XIV at any Time, But Might Not Happen Soon

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Director Naoki Yoshida is ready to make an Xbox One port at any time, but Microsoft still isn't relenting.

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AngelicIceDiamond1378d ago

Xbox Live maybe way more open than what it used to be but its still has some very annoying closed policies.

Open them up MS!

rdgneoz31378d ago

MS will never want it's subscribers playing with the competition.

mixolydian_id1378d ago

True... but are the 'walls' even a big deal?

It's been like this for over a decade?

Do they expect some sort of renaissance period because SE brought out a new game?

Probably not going to happen... though would help keep a userbase on the servers.

I went back and played some H3 six months back. I could still get a game with 3000 still online, ranked matches not as probable but no problem with social at all.

I'd rather get the game then delay the game to have it delivered on 'our' terms

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Sm00thNinja1378d ago

And that's why Sony is sitting pretty at 10 million sold. If you can't reform to bring in great titles you have no right to be in 1st place. I have FF14 on PS4 and sooo many hours lost already. Lvl 50 monk/fisher can't wait for the expansion!

user3672721378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

meh at FFXIV and its $39.99 price and a monthly $15 fee. Don't care if it gets release on XB1 or not and I am sure many of my XB1 brethren feel the same way too. Look how the Elder Scrolls turn out.

Subscription fee on console never works...shoot, I don't even think it will work on PC as most modern MMO are on the F2P model now. The days of everyone trying to follow the success of WOW are over many years ago.

Abriael1378d ago

Sounds like sour grapes.

Final Fantasy XIV is light years better that ESO. The big difference is that it deserves its pricetag and subscription fees fully. ESO doesn't.

Slade231378d ago

and to add that, it's not $60 and the fee is not 15. The fee is $12.99 and the price of the game is $30.00

Baka-akaB1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

let's not even start onsome people paying more each month than a sub , on dlc of lesser scales , like mediocre map packs , and bite sized 2-3 hrs content , than any FF14 content patch (or heck even if i can't stand the game , ESO)

Baka-akaB1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Lol the game was never at 60 , and is currently found even cheaper than 24 bucks ... and offered you a whole month . If you dont care about subs it's more than enough to finish the storyline and move on .

Meanwhile you get a month of a FF title for 24 bucks ... at worst . The monthly fee can also be cheaper if you choose to make only one character

And it's a title actually requested by a few xbox owners . Just like FFXI was , till they caved .

People , just righfully so , felt ESO was proposing an expensive full priced game in a state not worth a subscription ... at least at launch

jukins1378d ago

its already worked its called ffxi. and guess what its working again. . .

Revengeance1378d ago

"Subscription fee on console never works"

Funny it worked just fine for FFXI on PS2 and 360.

rainslacker1378d ago

You can easily get the game for less than $30. It's always on sale somewhere.

The fee is $13 a month, less if you buy for a year.

Subscription fees worked fine for FFXI.

FFXIV is actually pretty good. Played it for a while, but didn't really feel like getting back into an MMO.

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iamnsuperman1378d ago

"Yoshida-san mentioned that he personally thinks Microsoft wants exclusive content for its own community, and while he understand that it might be good from a business point of view, from a gamer’s point of view it’s better to have the content on as many platforms as possible, and people want to be able to play with their friends."

Good. I think everyone is glad to see this but if you go back on this it might bite you in the arse

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