Eurogamer: The Agency Preview


"As we sit and discuss The Agency with lead designer Hal Milton in the discreet offices of Sony Online Entertainment's Seattle studio, he hits upon a definition of what MMO games should deliver that's quite brilliant in its simplicity. We might have been talking about any number of the innovative, open-ended features of the espionage-themed massively multiplayer shooter when he nails it: the collectible operatives who play the game when you don't, the role system that's assigned to gear rather than characters, the multiple character progression threads, the encounters that scale to either solo or group play, the alias system of disguises - to be honest, we can't remember which.

"It's just having fun in a world that keeps going," Milton says simply. "I mean, really, it's not that hard. It's just that everybody tends to..." But there he stops himself short of laying into the competition. "Oh, anyway, I'm not going to go off on a rant.""

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