Mortal Kombat X To Have Console Exclusive Characters

Ed Boon confirms that there will be DLC and console exclusive characters once Mortal Kombat X launches in 2015.

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Majin-vegeta1376d ago

PS-Sweet Tooth

X1-Either MC or That guy from Geow forgot his name

MightyNoX1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

You beat me to it. Dammit, Vegeta. :P

Massacred1375d ago

The thing is, no matter who the character is in MKX that is exlusive, it will never be a better fit than Kratos did.

Blood, Brutality, button mashing and over the type violence are all things that could be used both to describe God of War and Mortal Kombat.

How could they possibly top Kratos.

Freddy and Jason? They already did one of those.

BiggerBoss1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Kratos definitely should be in there. I was pretty dissapointed when they confirmed he wasn't:(

FamilyGuy1375d ago

Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
Galahad from The Order: 1886
Blood Bournes protagonist
Dante from DMC
Dante from Dante's Inferno
Cole or Delsin from Infamous
Lara Croft
Rayne(?) BloodRayne
Snake from Metal Gear Solid
Big Daddy from Bioshock

Nicominoru1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Yeah I agree, Kratos was the best fit ever for a guest character, I can't think of anyone else who would just fit...then again Freddy didn't really fit the mold for MK either, but they did well to make it seem like it...maybe they'll surprise us with something. I guess after the last Twisted Metal Game's storyline Sweet Tooth would be a good fit.

PaleMoonDeath1375d ago

Hm.. Marcus Fenix is more of a gun guy, I wonder how his move sets would work, as for Playstation I could totally see Sweet Tooth being a character, I'd actually prefer him over the likes of Kratos.

The Meerkat1375d ago

Scourge (Gear 2 bad guy) would be a perfect fit for MK

Sayai jin1375d ago

"Frag Out" finishing move! Kratos or Sweet Tooth is a toss up for me.

vallencer1375d ago

They could do some cool stuff with Marcus Fenix. He could easily be more of a grapple guy with how big he is. Plus Stryker had guns as part of his move set so it isn't far fetched. However I don't think they'll add them in the game just because you're right, he is more of a gun guy. If anything I think they'd add characters from killer instinct in the game.

TwoMinTy1375d ago

I love the idea of Sweet Tooth for the PS character! I think it could also be (potentially) awesome if for the DLC they added a couple of DBZ characters imo, since the two franchises would probably have a largely overlapping fanbase.

and i'm not even gonna pretend i didn't get that idea from your screen name/avi lol

CernaML1375d ago

Do you even know what Mortal Kombat is all about? lol

TenSteps1375d ago

I just hope that whoever they end up being they're given the Scorpion Injustice treatment and at least have an alternate skin that would fit better with the MK world.

sinspirit1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

What if they had new forms of robot/cyborg characters like they have done before but imbued them with the consoles themselves.

But, we all know Sackboy is the ultimate brawler. He will just use his Sackboy slap the whole time and that is all he needs. /s

NukaCola1375d ago

If it's console based, I would like to see Radec from Killzone. If it's a random pick, PS4 needs Ash from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness.

Accountclosed1375d ago

It would be more likely that on Xbox the guest character is from killer instinct, but sweet tooth seems likely for PlayStation.

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mafiahajeri1376d ago

Nathan drake... That would be so beyond amazing. Except my heart would be broken if I do a fatality on him...

robtion1375d ago

Ellie from TLOU. Pocket knife fatality!

sinspirit1375d ago

Not sure how he fits in to the style of the game though.

I think another fit would be Nariko from Heavenly Sword. Clearly, a lot like Kratos who was positively received in MK before.

nX1376d ago

I want Kratos with new moves and the Helios Fatality... he said Kratos won't come back though :( I could cry

TwoMinTy1375d ago

As a HUGE God of War fan, i was kinda disappointed with Kratos in the previous game. It didn't stop me from using him more than anybody else, but i feel like they made him way too slow and his move set could have been a lot better imo. I was hoping to see him return in X, new and improved

nX1375d ago

Haha same for me, I used him more than anybody else but I found that they could've made him so much better... I still hope we'll see him again, I could care less for Sweet Tooth or Nathan Drake tbh.

DarkBlood1375d ago

Even though im getting the xbox one im hoping the ps4 version gets this supposed arnold character as well lol even if it was just trolling

Tedakin1375d ago

Xbone - Fulgore. Would make too much sense.

SteamPowered1375d ago

Why would they put a Fighter from a current franchise on a new franchise? I would understand if it was a nostalgia character or whatnot, but KI season 2 is around the corner so I don't see why they need the same character on 2 current games.

christocolus1375d ago


Marcus would be ok but it would be so cool if a character from KI ended up in MK .any one of these would do - cinder, spinal or orchid .

There's an actual possibility this could happen cos just after E3 this year Ed boon and Ken lobb joked about doing a KI vs MK game together..would be awesome.

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