StarCraft II Single Player Hero Tychus Findlay Preview by

StarCraft: IncGamers is taking a look at one of the single player heroes of StarCraft 2, Tychus Findlay, the buff prisoner you saw getting sealed in to a Marine suit in the Introduction Cinematic at WWI 2007, Korea.

He met Jim Raynor, and became friends, but where Jim somehow escaped detection, Tychus was incarcerated and almost executed. Read about one of the new and colourful new characters of the StarCraft universe.

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Wuushu3839d ago

Interesting, thanks for this. :)

Maticus3839d ago

Interesting article :)

Leord3839d ago

I'm wondering if Tychus might take over the operations from Jim. I mean he has already sunken down to become an alcoholic, perhaps Blizzard will kill him off? =(

Leord3838d ago

Such a braindead comment =P

syrinx3839d ago

I think you're right, he could actually be the replacement for Jim Raynor, I wonder how they are going to kill him off?

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