Mercenaries 3 'inevitable'

A third game in the popular open world series Mercenaries is "inevitable", developer Pandemic has told

Speaking to at an EA Games label event in London recently, Pandemic's Cory Lewis decline to offer any clues as to the third game's setting.

"The guys are honestly right now neck deep in making this one shine and try not to get distracted," he revealed. "I'm sure the director Cameron Brown is already sitting at home on the weekend taking long showers and brainstorming new ideas but nothing that's too distracting at this point. There will definitely be more to talk about soon I'm sure as we start to come up with ideas. We're definitely looking to continue the franchise let's say that. There are no plans obviously but it's an IP that we're really proud of and huge fans of ourselves. We just want to keep being in that universe. It's inevitable."

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Spike473838d ago

guys make fun games, I'm expecting an 8.5/10 or somewhere around there from Mercs 2.

SuicidalTendencies3838d ago

Of course it inevitable, you work for EA now. I'm sure they'll milk this franchise for all it's worth.