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Silent Hills and the Best Video Game Reveals Ever

CraveOnline: "Silent Hills may very well go down in history as the most unexpected and clever video game reveal of all time, but there are plenty more games that have got our pulses racing following their initial announcement. Here are some of the best." (PC, PS3, PS4, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Agent2009  +   225d ago
The way Grand Theft Auto IV was announced, with a mysterious countdown to a trailer on a page, with no more informations, definitely caused a massive hype back then. The game was a reason why plenty of people bought the next-gen consoles.
Asuka  +   225d ago
i bought my ps3 for games that have yet to be released (ffxv, kh3). Call me a sucker xD =\
HappyWithOneBubble  +   225d ago
You a sucker. :P

Kojima mind is full of creativity. That's why he's my favorite producer and MGS is my favorite game series.
black0o  +   225d ago
SIX  +   225d ago
Kojima did this perfectly!
DeadlyOreo  +   225d ago
I genuinely think PT was the best way to announce Silent Hills. Just brilliant. Take note future developers.
iDadio  +   225d ago
Agreed, a real stroke of genius but yet is such a simple premise I'm surprised we havnt seen something similar before.
JonnyBigBoss  +   225d ago
Hideo Kojima is so good at this.
Gatsu  +   225d ago
I love what Kojima did with SH and MGSV. PT to be teaser for Silent Hills in such awesome way.
The Phantom Pain 1st trailer messing up with fans using Moby Dick studios, then in the end revealing to be MGSV. But as that's not enough, Ground Zeroes is part of V too. That guy sure enjoys to play us like a damn fiddle :D !
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BABY-JEDI  +   225d ago
Played the demo. Shat my pants. Enough said...
Soldierone  +   225d ago
I think with a horror game you almost have to reveal it in this way. If not publicly, then you need to send it like this to journalists.

I mean look at the comments regarding Evil Within. There are people that loved it, but they played it more privately. Others don't really like it, and they played it at some major convention filled with people and noise....

From a trailer perspective, there is nothing to SEE. It's all about playing with horror games. If all we got was watching someone walk through a hallway a few times, would anyone be thrilled? Not really.
kratoz1209  +   224d ago
Yeah it was an awesome reveal

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