VideoGamer: Mercenaries 2 Hands-On

If GTA 4 is a skinny decaf latte then Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is a double shot full fat Americano with a can of Red Bull on the side just in case. Though both are of the same video game genre, the differences between the two are undeniable. Where GTA 4's Liberty City is a more mature, realistic open world with an underbelly of subtle, satirical humour, Mercs 2's Venezuela is an adolescent, over the top open world with slap you in the face frat house laughs.

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Pornlord3837d ago

This is a good series, I loved the first one, my one complaint is the story line and apparently they fixed it, so Kudos to them.

wolfehound223837d ago

I've never played the first one but I have heard good things. I'm definitely checking this one out.