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Submitted by IraqCombatVet 540d ago | opinion piece

Why Destiny on PS4 is the best place to play

With exclusive content, a bundle, and being the lead platform for development, the PS4 is going to be the place to play Destiny.

What is PlayStation 4 breaks down the reasons why Destiny on PS4 is the best place to play. (Destiny, PS4)

Askanison4  +   540d ago | Funny
"The final reason why Destiny promises to be better on PlayStation 4 is ultimately because of the previous things we’ve mentioned."

That is in the running for the most pointless line of text I have ever read.
GutZ31  +   540d ago
I own a PS4, and Preordered Destiny, this is just nauseating.
Sayai jin  +   540d ago
Good points, but it's still subjective. Also, this is coming from a PS site.

People with a PS4 will get the game for the PS4, people with an XB1 will get it for that system, and those with both system will get it based on the preferences, i.e more online friends/community, online network preferences...
Scrivlar  +   539d ago
That's exactly right. I have both XB1 and PS4 and have ordered it on XB1 because most friends bought XB1, and I remember most games having a better network connection and less bugs on 360 than PS3.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   540d ago
The timed and permanent DLC makes it the best place to play.
DARK WITNESS  +   540d ago
You say that as if the DLC will be some critical part of the game.

I am getting it on ps4, but not because of stupid dlc that will be worth nothing after you start to upgrade and find loot ingame.
nX  +   539d ago
The exclusive content is not limited to gear, see for yourself:
"At launch, PS4 and PS3 owners will get exclusive access to a unique co-op Strike located on Mars, an exclusive competitive map, and a slew of exclusive guns, gear, and ships."

Additionaly every Destiny Expansion (the first one coming in December, I was surprised that it's so soon) will have exclusive content as well. I would say that this and the fact that the PS4 is their lead platform is more than enough reasons to make PS4 "the best place to play Destiny". You can even play Destiny at work if you own a PSVita (that's what I'll do :D)... but each to their own I guess.
SilentNegotiator  +   540d ago
And in conclusion, this is the end of my statements. The end.
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Askanison4  +   540d ago
I think you were the only person to actually read my comment lol
Septic  +   539d ago
"That is in the running for the most pointless line of text I have ever read."

LMAO! Actually cracked up reading that hehe.
shinrock  +   540d ago
What's that smell?
thereapersson  +   540d ago
Success? Greatness? Ownage?

All of the above?
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SteamPowered  +   540d ago
If success, ownage, and greatness smell like a BS article, then I guess it's on the mark....
SilentNegotiator  +   540d ago
The smell of a fan site trying too hard?
BattleAxe  +   540d ago
The best place to play is on PS3, because it's the only console out of all four consoles that the game will be available on, which has free online play.

Hells yeah.
guitarded77  +   540d ago
Nah man... I played the beta on PS4, PS3 and 360 and it's worth the price of the $35 I paid for a year of PS+. The graphical differences and smoothness are so much better on the PS4.
GutZ31  +   540d ago
The ability to start a party chat session is also extremely useful in creating a fireteam for PVP or Raids.
OUROSMAG  +   540d ago
Wow that article made my brain hurt...
BillmadeAGate  +   540d ago
I'd rather read this dribble than another article about Tomb Raider being a timed Exclusive lol.
Ripsta7th  +   540d ago
Bet u never got tired of the 100+ articles we got on TLOU
SteamPowered  +   540d ago
Those honestly wore me out. TLOU was a great game remastered, we get it...I'd rather play it than read about it.
Reddzfoxx  +   540d ago
I will wait for it to come to PC so I can enjoy Destiny in resolutions above 1080p. If the Destiny DLC is anything like the previous COD's exclusive DLC's then like "free fall" and Nuketown 2020(something) no one will be missing out on anything special. I cant even stand when those preorder maps come up ...
SteamPowered  +   540d ago
2 things will happen when it comes to the PC version:
- it won't actually come to pc :(
- it won't come to PC until well after the hype and popularity of the game is pretty much over. Personally, I wait for Steam sales, but I can see how this might hamper sales on Pc rather than release alongside consoles.
Volkama  +   539d ago
I thought that, until I saw senior figures at Activision saying how it makes sense, and Destiny would be a great fit for PC. Then I started thinking maybe there is some merit to the March rumours.

Personally I know just 3 other people that will be playing Destiny, and they are all Xbox One gamers so that will be "the best place (for me) to play".
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Muadiib  +   539d ago
Don't forget so we can play with a framerate above 30, 60+ is a bare minimum for an action game imo.
Kiwi66  +   540d ago
So they say that because the beta was 1080 on ps4 that it will be better than the full game even though no one knows what the xbox 1 version will look like in 1080p as there really wasn't that much of a difference between them in the beta even though it was 900p on xbox
Iamnemesis4880  +   540d ago
Man does not really matter just as long as you have a good time single player and with friends that is all that matters.
kingvendrick  +   540d ago
At over 10 mill sold through, looks like Bungie backed the right horse this gen.

Really enjoyed the beta, can't wait for the release.

PS4 the win.
Volkama  +   539d ago
Bungie didn't back any horse. Activision made a deal with Sony, for cash and promotion of the game.

Just like Sledgehammer are not choosing to back Microsoft with COD.
kingvendrick  +   539d ago
So Bungie didn't help to develop PS4 & Dualshock 4 then. Mkay if you say so.
Volkama  +   539d ago
Don't think I said that Bungie are not working with Sony?

I said they are not choosing sides or attempting to pick out a winner.
TheBoy  +   540d ago
Until the inevitable PC version releases so then we can enjoy this shooter at 60 FPS, a standard that should be set for all FPS games, can't think of any logical reason why'd I go back to the PS4 version once the PC version releases.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   540d ago
Destiny’s graphics on PS4 vs. Xbox One

"Bungie has stated that they intend to fix this before the game is released, but the fact that the problem ever existed is yet another reason why the PS4 will be a better console on which to play the game. It’s great that the Xbox One will be reaching parity with PS4."

They already have the gold version of the game running at 1080p on X1 Its just the beta was from the older build running in 900p. So because the problem existed before suggests the PS4 version is automatically better just because?

Ok if that's not some serious reaching than I don't know what is.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   540d ago
IMO opinion the best place to play is purely wherever your friends are.
friends make much more of a difference than graphics or frame rates. However in this case, I wont be playing it anywhere - at first. If its still popular at xmas Ill get it, but I didn't think anything of the alpha or beta.
Artemidorus  +   539d ago
More nonesense from Sony fans, of all games to pick and you pick the one that is most likely to look the same as each other.

DLC is the only reason to get it for Playstation 4, nothing else.
kewlkat007  +   539d ago
Harmonizer  +   539d ago
Don't have a PS4 yet, but the white PS4 & Destiny bundle made me pre-order it. Can't wait for it :)

..Until the PC version comes out of course.
castillo  +   539d ago
My 4 reasons on why am getting this game on Xbox one 1 - friends 2- friends 3 -Achievements 4- Gotten over the content crap.
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gamertk421  +   539d ago
My PS4 is for exclusives and single player games. My Xbox One is for multiplayer, especially shooters, as I find the offset sticks more conducive to the genre, and my core group of friends are on Xbox.
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Meatyboy  +   539d ago
I prefer the xbox controller and all of my friends are playing on xbox so il be playing on an xbox one aswell. Plus they both look the identical but xbox loads slightly faster (proven on any YouTube comparison you can find front the beta, but of course could change).

They're both exactly the same more or less so wherever your friends are or whatever console you prefer isn't that the best choice?

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