MGS4 - Times Square launch pics from TrueGameHeadz

DW writes "Damn I'm tired … but not as tired as the first guy in line at the MGS4 NY Timesquare Launch event. Notable mention also include another gentleman in full blown SnakeEater Skullface outfit. Though he admitted it was a rush job, it pleased everyone to see that.

Minus having to listen to a mad gamer rant all night long about everything wrong in the world, and the world of gaming, it was still worth it. Almost everyone got a signed copy of the game. Gamers were seen bringing books, ps3's, and even there homework. As for this TrueGameHead, he opted for a signing of the first MGS. It only gets better with age … and signatures."


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Just pick my 80 gig up at wal-mart this morning.

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