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The hysterical backlash against Tomb Raider exclusivity is risible, but so is MS' communication

Dealspwn: "You could see the smile dance across Phil Harrison's face as he uttered the word "exclusive" during the Microsoft Gamescom press conference. Exclusives have traditionally been the weapons used by platform holders to wage war against one another. As Nintendo did unto SEGA, so Sony did unto them, and so Microsoft blah blah this has been going on forever blah."

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Community1159d ago
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hello121159d ago ShowReplies(3)
supraking9511159d ago

Its just funny hearing Xbox execs say "coming first on Xbox" too so many games at E3 and Gamescom but when they showed Tomb Raider the word "exclusive" was thrown out. SMH

incendy351159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

As of today, it is being made exclusively for Xbox. That ""might"" change in the future, but as of today saying it is exclusive is a true statement until the dev announces it for anything else.

Only reason you would say "timed" is if the game is known to be coming to other platforms after a certain amount of time.

@Farsendor1: That still means it is up to the developer what they do after that time. Until the developer says they are making the game for other platforms, it is what it is.

Sorry for stating facts dear Disagrees.

Farsendor11159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

Christopher1159d ago

@Farsendor1: That could mean a lot of things and does not mean that Rise of the Tomb Raider comes to other platforms but that any sequels or the like would be in the hands of SE. It also doesn't mean they can't extend it.

While we assume it to mean timed exclusive, that is not a definitive answer to what they've said.

Notice how no one has said, outright, that it will come to PS4 or anything of the like? No one has heard them say anything like "first on Xbox consoles"? The PR speak to all this stuff doesn't truly answer anything, just cause more confusion.

donthate1159d ago

The thing here is that most deals has a duration as the developers/publisher wants the right to do as they please at a later date.

So the statement that it is a duration is in fact a true statement, but as Phil also mentioned it is up to Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix to decide if they want to bring it to another platform at a later date or at all.

My guess, they will. Doesn't change the fact that it might not come to other platforms....

DeadlyFire1159d ago

We all know Square Enix is now in the same league with Activision/EA with publishing on every platform. Putting the word exclusive on anything they make is just saying we have delayed the game for other platforms, but its still coming.

djohnson0112111159d ago

Exclusive 2015 on xbox why is it so hard to comprehend???

PunisherRevenge1159d ago

The reason it says Exclusive in 2015 is because that's when the game will be released. I doesn't say when or for how long. That's why Sony fans are so pissed off because they don't know when or if they will ever get it on the PS4.

neocores1159d ago

No it was the way the announced it as if it was a full on Exclusive

ShowGun9011159d ago

don't listen to what they say, look for what they purposfully omit. its "exclusive in 2015" why not say just "exclusive". trust me, if this was never coming to ps4, they would be SCREAMING it. same with every dev, publisher and platform holder.


case in point: everytime theres a discussion about what rez/fps an xbone game would be running @ during the launch window, we got answers like...

"it looks fantastic"
"its the same experience"
"we don't have it finalized yet"

if it was 1080p/60fps they would have said it up front, like they did for the ps4 versions. same thing with tomb raiders "exclusivity"... if it were good news for M$, Spencer would say it.

how many times do people get tricked by this? its the same spin as last time, just a different game (or feature). or do fanboys just LIKE being tricked?

Software_Lover1159d ago

LOL, it just goes on and on for Microsoft, when the news is subjectively bad. No "I want ad hits" website is talking about the great games that they showed.

The propaganda is strong, but once a ball gets rolling down the hill its hard to stop.

uth111159d ago

fanning the flames of controversy generates more hits than anything else known to man!

LostPotato1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

As a PC Gamer I can say Im tired of timed exclusive crap. It needs to end in a fiery pit of hell, but of course it wont when someone pays millions to acquire it.

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