Top 10: Wishes for E3 2008

From "E3 is fast approaching yet we know very little about what big announcements are going to be made. Although the event seems to have become even smaller than last year's show we still expect a week of breaking news and major announcements. To get you in the mood we've put together our Top 10: Wishes for E3 2008. We haven't gone too fanciful, but if even half of these come true we'll be over the moon."

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kosha3837d ago

My top wish is new IPs from all parties and for sony to show heavy rain.

Rock Bottom3837d ago

I have to agree with kosha, I want new IPs, and what's with their first choice, if MS ever planed to release a hand held they wouldn't make Viva pentra for the DS, would they?

jkhan3837d ago

1). GOD OF WAR 3
3). Announcement regarding Eight Days & Getaway 3 back in production.
4). Alan Wake
5). SplinterCell Conviction.
6). Crysis for PS3/360
7). I don't want another Halo game from Bungie especially after Halo 3.
8). Some new non UE3 based IP for 360.
9). Shadow of Colossus 2
10). Jak & Daxter game or Uncharted 2 announcement.
11). Yes I know its 10 but still the mind blowing Sony's Secret Project is shown.

kingme713837d ago

3) I'd be happy enough if they just say it was put on hold while other stuff got priority.

7) Halo is a cash cow, expect it to be milked until its teets run dry.

dachiefsman3837d ago

God of War 3 FTW!

I agree..I also want some new IPs!

MK_Red3837d ago

Pretty lame wishes from them. Two Halo wishes? I know Halo is important and all but 2 out of 10 wishes are about new Halos...

And no real FFXIII / Versus? I know these are their opinions but it's kinda hard to think they're opinions of more than 1 or 2 fans.

Anyway, my list would be:
1. A real Mortal Kombat 8 (Not the T rated MK vs DC)
2. Deus Ex 3 shown
3. Diablo 3 (I know, it's too soon but on can wish)
4. Duke Nukem Forever returns!
5. God of War 3 shown.
6. Serious Sam 3 shown.
7. FFXIII versus gameplay.
8. More MadWorld!
9. Bayonetta gameplay.
10. Heavy Rain return.

+A new game from Nintendo that doesn't have Mario, Samus or Zelda in it.

kingme713837d ago

No request for Fallout 3 gameplay???

1) I would be surprised. Looks like they are aiming for sales with MK vs DC (something more accessible maybe?) than something for the diehard fans.

I agree, Nintendo should introduce a new character to the Wii with a new game. Start up a new franchise.

Covenant3837d ago

Agreed...and you and I might be in the minority here, but I would loooove some Serious Sam 3 footage...Croteam's new engine is shaping up very nicely.

And if 3D Realms wants us to take all the recent teasers about Duke Nukem Forever seriously, they'd better give us something at E3. That, or some Prey 2 info.

MK_Red3837d ago

kingme71, Bethesda announced that they'll show a playable version of Fallout 3 during E3 :)
As for MK vs DC, I still feel betrayed by Midway. A lot of fans have been really loyal and bought everything Midway released and after the disappointing MK:Armageddon, we were expecting a real MK8 not a T rated fatalitiless MK vs DC :(
Nintendo and new franchise! OMG, it's end of the world :D

Covenant, I'm completely with you. I also would love to see some Prey 2 info and the Serious Sam 3 with the Serious Engine 3 they showed last year is gonna be awesome.

kingme713837d ago

>kingme71, Bethesda announced that they'll show a playable version of Fallout 3 during E3 :)

Ahh, your one step ahead of me (or maybe 2).

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