Guild Wars 2 50% Off

Thinking about picking up Guild Wars 2? Is the price deterring you? Don’t worry, the guys at Arenanet can help you with that.

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Ashlen1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

One of the best MMO's.

Easily the most fair monetization system in a F2P with basically 0% pay to win.

It also has the most balanced PvP of any MMO I've played.

abradley1379d ago

Completely agree and is about the only MMO I still play to this day.

ATi_Elite1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

so for $30 you get a full game plus like $300 worth of DLC all for $30.

all of GW2 new content has been free with no subscription and really nothing else to buy.

and that new content comes like every two weeks.

Best supported game EVER (this side of TF2)

My hats off to ArenaNet for making a great game, one of my favorites of ALL TIME.

Saryk1379d ago

This is one of the few MMOs worth the cash!

NovusOrsa1378d ago

How many of you have played the original? Also, would you be interested in revisiting Cantha and Elona?