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P.T. / Silent Hills will not be exclusive to Sony?

A few minutes ago came an email from Sony about the PlayStation Gamescom, the event being held these days in Cologne, as we can see from one of the games presented (P.T, PS4, Silent Hills)

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NatureOfLogic_  +   470d ago
It'll be multiplatform. This will be one of those games that no one should miss.
iamnsuperman  +   470d ago
I am not sure why people think it is. It was quite clear the interactive teaser was exclusive (it was said at the conference hence pt being there) but nothing was said about the game. My guess it is multiplatform.
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blitz0623  +   470d ago
If this was exclusive Sony would have made sure they communicated this clearly during their conference
abzdiine  +   470d ago
P.T. is a multi and in best cases a timed exclusive but what for sure is exclusive PS4 is the playable P.T. teaser. people enjoy taking words out of context to get clicks!
morganfell  +   470d ago
I do not think this will be exclusive...but at the same time PT is an interactive teaser, not a demo. Add to this the fact there is no game coming called PT.
Neixus  +   470d ago

Why? No one knew this was silent hills until a random livestreamer completed the game,after the conference was done
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Enemy  +   470d ago
Sony definitely would have bragged if it was going to be exclusive.
DashArrivals  +   470d ago
@ Blitz0623, @ Enemy... when Bloodborne was announced at E3, they never confirmed whether that was exclusive to PS4 or not until about a week after. People were saying that it would be multiplat. Sony is publishing Silent Hills. So, don't get your hopes up. I'm sure we will get confirmation in the following days. I don't care whether it's exclusive or not, I just want this game bad.
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DeadlyOreo  +   470d ago
The thing that has me thinking is that Sony Japan published PT. This makes me think, why would Sony put money and resources towards a free playable teaser of a game which is going to be multiplatform. I think there is a chance that this game will be exclusive to PS4, and with the articles a while back about Hideo Kojima utilising Project Morpheus for something, I think this could be it. Added to the fact that Hideo Kojima constantly makes clear his preference to Sony.

Also, does anyone remember they kept emphasising, "Horror reborn on the Playstation 4"?

We'll find out soon enough, all I know is that I can't wait to play this.
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garos82  +   470d ago
agreed most likely multiplatform. X86 architectures will make it to easy of an opportunity to develop titles for both consoles and take advantage of the user base of both
Enemy  +   470d ago
Unless it's going to be announced as a megaton PS4 exclusive at TGS, I don't see why Sony even bothered developing such an amazing teaser for it.

We'll find out soon enough.
morganfell  +   470d ago
It should be noted that the lack of mention for other platforms can also mean this is one of those titles that could go from being timed exclusive to full exclusive providing Sony sees the right feedback.
GameSpawn  +   469d ago
It's a Konami game/series, so...yeah multiplatform. Konami wants as much exposure as possible with their console games.

However, if Kojima is making it you can be assured the non-PlayStation versions will be very sub-par in some sort of way. Kojima has a heavy PlayStation bias. Just look at MGS5 (both games) for the best example.

The game has some good potential because of who is involved and hopefully it is multiplatform so that everyone can have a stab at it (no pun intended).
ziggurcat  +   469d ago

the teaser may have been, but i don't think the game will/should be.
MazzingerZ  +   469d ago
Any developer that makes a game that uses the best each platform can offer power-wise will deliver a better game on PS4, it's just the more powerful machine this gen...I thought that was pretty clear today for everybody.
BitbyDeath  +   469d ago
Not saying it is exclusive but it is possible.
Note the name of the game is called Silent Hills, not Silent Hill, reason for the change in name might be so that Sony could publish and own the IP.
Lennoxb63  +   469d ago
Well Kojima heavily favors PlayStation. So anything he's involved in PlayStation is going to get the first taste of it.
fr0sty  +   469d ago
Playable Teaser is exclusive, Silent Hills, maybe not. We'll see. I'm sure if Sony sees enough hype build around this game (which, to be honest, the teaser alone spooked me more than any other game or film I've seen, mostly due to the seemingly random and unpredictable nature of not just the scares, but the gameplay itself, and I will be buying this day one when it launches), they'll go the negotiating table with Konami.

I think they should, it's one of those that has that kind of potential. If Silent Hill is rebooted in this kind of way, with those amazing graphics, gameplay, great story, and ACUTAL horror (not just "here's a bunch of zombies and deformed monsters. Blast away."), it is going to sell very well.
Ezz2013  +   470d ago
i will get Silent Hill as soon as i get my ps4
a good game is a good game
exclusive or not
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equal_youth  +   470d ago
exactly. but we have to wait and see. konami clearly could use the money for some other great games.
Bubbamilk  +   470d ago
This is no game......it's a virtual interactive nightmare.....don't watch any videos or screenshots just hop in. It was easily the scariest game I have ever played. It genuinely shook me to the core of myself and I've never felt that. It's insane. The only words for it.

Even my lady said about ten minutes in that something just doesn't seem right about it. That it is so scary it kinda strikes a nerve inside like this has happened before type thing. No words. I'm 26 years old and I slept with the tv on last night!!!
redwin  +   470d ago
Does not matter who comes out with this game, I'm getting it.
styferion  +   470d ago
I guess it's safe to say it'll be a multiplatform title, seeing Kojima's own MGS V will also be a multiplatform title even though previous installment always exclusive to PS and if it's exclusive Sony would already announce it by now.
DoomeDx  +   470d ago
Didnt it say ''Published by Sony'' at the end of the teaser? Doesnt that means its exclusive? They mind just be talking about the teaser though
NeoGamer232  +   470d ago
I don't mean to be rude, but assessing agame's quality based on who is making it and one trailer is a little pre-mature.

Is it a game I will be watching development of? Absolutely...

Is it a game no one should miss? We don't know yet.
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FanboyKilla  +   469d ago
who cares? last time i heard silent hill, they were saying how horrible it was. sure it may have a small cult following, but 98.5% of gamers never cared for it. so again, who cares? next.
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Mikeyy  +   469d ago
If you did your homework you would have noticed a completely different team is making Silent Hills.

Kojima productions is doing it. So Dismissing it based on past iterations is foolish.

maybe if some unknown studio picked it up, then I can understand your lack of faith, but Hideo Kojima picked it up, and you still dismiss it?
rainslacker  +   469d ago
The original silent hills(1-3) all sold over a million each, when that many sold was considered a success.

Most of the ones from last gen were not that great, and got very little advertising. They also didn't have Kojima backing them, or any other powerhouse names behind it. They were mostly just quick cash in on the IP games, and it showed in their mediocrity.

The series never lit up a lot on the 360. One of the titles(Homecoming I believe) sold about 400K, the rest barely even passed 100K sold. It also didn't do much better on the PS3 as I recall, but was about triple the number of units sold.

I think just the names behind this version though will push it to be very hyped, so it could lead to a surge in popularity for the series.
MuhammadJA  +   469d ago
I hope a PC version is coming as well.
Bobby Kotex  +   469d ago
Not everyone likes horror games.
DanteVFenris666  +   469d ago
UltraAtomic  +   469d ago
Hopefully this rumor is true. I really want to know more about this game, and if its good. I really want it for my x1.
MARKSMAN7136   469d ago | Trolling | show
UltraAtomic  +   469d ago
@MARKSMAN7136 Really!!! what a wast of a good bubble.
Flamingweazel  +   469d ago
Like tomb raider........................ ....LOL ms are morons.
Revolver_X_  +   469d ago
EVERYONE should experience this game. The demo is amazing.
LordMaim  +   466d ago
I would have been extremely surprised if this had turned out to be an exclusive. Without a major paycheck, a third party platform exclusive is pretty unheard of.
DVS-Zev  +   470d ago
i Would be shocked if this was exclusive.
Benjammin25  +   470d ago
So would I. However, Sony published the teaser. What I think happened is, Kojima went to Konami, said I have this cool idea on how to advertise the next silent hill. They clearly weren't interested. So then Sony says "oh we'll publish the teaser instead." I'm guessing Sony agreed to do it as long as they got some kind of exclusive content. The game won't be exclusive, but don't be surprised if it comes first to the PS4.
THamm  +   470d ago
I'm pretty sure he said why should we front the money to put this out when Sony or MS will do anything to get an edge. Hence Sony bit, now I'm getting Silent Hill on Ps4 since surprisingly Pt was awesome actually.
GW212  +   470d ago
Eh, I'm not sure that Konami told him they weren't interested. I feel like Kojima has enough pull with Konami at this stage that he can dictate to them what they're interested in.

But maybe not, I don't know. Just the sense I get.
DashArrivals  +   470d ago
I remember when people were saying Bloodborne WOULD NOT be exclusive to PS4... my point is, wait until we have proper confirmation. Which we'll surely get in the coming days or weeks
OpenGL  +   469d ago
If Konami had put the teaser on the Playstation Store people might have figured out that it is a new Silent Hill without completing it.
garos82  +   470d ago
i would be shocked too but no matter i have a PS4 and i will be buying this.

Hope others get to "enjoy" (for a lack of better word of having fun in a horror game) what looks to be the scariest experience ever
KwietStorm  +   470d ago
Why shocked?
redblack  +   470d ago
the email I received at 14: 21, I wanted to share it with you
Mr-Dude  +   470d ago
It is or it isn;t. I really don't care... I just want to play it on my PS4. Really enjoyed the demo. Just hope the reboot is really good. Last Silent Hilll was really bad imo
Arkardo  +   470d ago
Not likely being honest, still a game nobody should miss, clever marketing anyone?

I was f***** high with the teaser.
ANIALATOR136  +   470d ago
PS4 and PC would be great
Mikefizzled  +   470d ago
For fuel for console wars perhaps.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   470d ago
If it were they would have said so at GamesCom. Simple as that.
DashArrivals  +   470d ago
They never said Bloodborne was exclusive to PS4 at E3.... there was speculation is was multiplat for at leastr a week after E3.... take from that what you will
Revengeance  +   469d ago
Umm the game is being co-developed by Sony Japan Studio. It will be a shock if it came to XB1.

OT: I never expected this game to be exclusive to PS4 must imagine what would happen if it did.
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ShadowWolf712  +   469d ago
Why would they say a game that was a hidden trailer for Silent Hill would be exclusive at Gamescom? The whole point was to make the game seem odd and no big deal, a stealth announcement.
Dannycr  +   469d ago
They did say it was exclusive
Adexus  +   470d ago
PS4, Xbox One and PC would be lovely!
lunatic0001  +   469d ago
i dont know why you are getting disagrees...i agree with you...everyone should be able to play this game...on ps4...or xbox one...and pc...play it on your preferred gaming machine and game away
porkChop  +   470d ago
P.T. is a PS4 exclusive demo, but the full game will very likely be multiplatform.
MasterCornholio  +   470d ago
Exactly what I was thinking.

I'm happy that more will be able to enjoy it.

DarkLord1003  +   470d ago
They never said it was exclusive
DanteVFenris666  +   469d ago
They Never said it wasn't. Look what I did I was able to fathom my superior knowledge and equate your argument equally, it took me ten years for my arguments to be so organized and precise.

No but seriously that's a terrible point as I can easily say the opposite.
hkgamer  +   469d ago
im pretty sure if it was exclusive they would say it and if its multiplatform then they wouldnt. simple as that.
LordMaim  +   470d ago
Did anyone expect it to be an exclusive?
OUROSMAG  +   470d ago
Whoever expected this to be an exclusive is a moron..
TripC50  +   469d ago
At first I honestly thought this was an exclusive though. :/ <--look at my moron face

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demonddel  +   470d ago
Hope not because I was about to start a petition
KwietStorm  +   470d ago
Because those are always so successful.
demonddel  +   469d ago
Joking bruh
TripC50  +   469d ago
^ ha. Bruh, who says that?
Septic  +   469d ago
He does
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   470d ago
Whoever said it was?? smh
Theparanerds  +   470d ago
I honestly just want everyone to enjoy the game, doesn't matter what platform it's on.
Tedakin  +   470d ago
I don't have a PS4 yet, and am super jealous of PT. I'll have one by Silent Hills time. Even if it's on Xbone, I'll get it on PS4 cause PS has always been my "Silent Hill console". I have the whole series. Still, wish they'd put PT on Xbone so I can try it now.
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amiga-man  +   469d ago
Tedakin, the trailer is creepy stuff seeing it is one thing playing it is another, it's hard to imagine the warped thinking of people able to make up such a freakily scary world.
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Dannycr  +   469d ago
That is why Kojima + Del Toro is a perfect mix. Del Toro has great imagination to create such ambience and creatures (hellboy, Pan's Laberynth, The Orphanage) and Kojima is a Master of detail and narrative.
SaveFerris  +   470d ago
Whichever platform(s) it lands on, remember to pack a change of underwear or two.
Nicominoru  +   470d ago
It doesn't matter, this game should be enjoyed by everyone Silent Hill deserves another good installment. I played the demo with headphones on late at night just generally because that's how I play games I wasn't fishing to fear or anything. In the end it was definitely worth it and I was sold on the game the minute I died seemingly out of nowhere when I was turned around by the being that was about to kill me this game got a genuine panicked "Oh Shit!" out of me.

The atmosphere leading up to that part was great too, but it wasn't until I realized that the atmosphere the entire time was setting me up to be shocked by that sudden death that I knew it was something great that every gamer should be able to experience.
EinRobot  +   470d ago
Exclusives just seem so petty and withholding now a days. I hope its multiplat. I wish everything was multi plat.
VsAssassin  +   470d ago
If everything was multiplat, there won't be no reason to buy either consoles.
EinRobot  +   470d ago
That makes no sense...grammatically or logically. Exclusives do not sell systems any more, people know what camp they are in. Its just flame fuel.
Theparanerds  +   470d ago
third party titles should be multiplatform.
Genova84  +   469d ago

I have a powerhouse PC. For that reason, the ONLY reason I have to buy a console, is for the exclusive titles. Hence, why when Bloodborne launches, a PS4 will be mine!
VsAssassin  +   469d ago
@EinRobot, yup bad grammar, I agree. Sorry. I was so tired yesterday when I posted that comment. I meant, if there were no exclusive games, the existence of MS XB1 and PS4 will be for nothing.

Further, exclusives still sell systems believe it or not. Wanna know how I know this? Cuz I will buy a PS4 when Bloodborne comes out!
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breakpad  +   470d ago
exclusives makes the difference in console market and separate quality games from the rest ..most of the exclusives (90%) have better rating and generally are better games because devs can fully explore the potential of a console .....it s completely idiotic to no exist exclusives,usually thi is supported by Xbox fans or Xbox supporting media (aka polygon) cause of his lack of exclusives .....for Silent hills some say it will be published by Sony themselves
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dragon82  +   469d ago
I am sure he meant that all 3rd party games should be multiplatform while 1st and 2nd party can remain exclusives.
Spotie  +   469d ago
Exclusives are still a big determining factor. In fact, the LACK of exclusives is part of the reason many 360 owners moved (back) to PS4 this gen.

It's not all fanboy-driven.
VsAssassin  +   470d ago
Well SH1 and SH3 were Sony exclusive, with the latter getting ported to the PC sometime later, so it's not too far-fetched to think Silent Hills will be exclusive.

We don't know who is publishing this game, only the developer - Konami. SH is still a Japanese game, so I guess, regarding its exclusivity, we would find out at TGS 2014 the soonest.

Further, there was an N4g news about a trusted source stating a huge 3rd party game coming exclusively to the PS4. Maybe this SHs game could be it... Who knows?
DVAcme  +   470d ago
It was never announced as an exclusive. The P.T. demo IS exclusive, but that's just a marketing agreement between Sony and Konami(which is GENIUS, btw). It's like Activision giving a bigger push to the Destiny marketing on PS4, it doesn't mean exclusivity. If it WERE announced exclusive, though, it'd be big news, and if it were a timed exclusive, at least Sony wouldn't announce it without EXPLICITLY stating it is (*COUGH* Tomb Raider! *COUGH*).
shaenoide  +   469d ago
TR was annouced like an exclusive and it's "just" timed exclusive. It's not a good example.

A guy from famitsu announced a big japanase exclusive. Maybe it's Silen Hills.
Flyingdog670  +   470d ago
They never said exclusive, so we shouldn't be surprised...
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   470d ago
Sony never moneyhats for exclusives. Thus will not be exclusive Kojima wants all the money he can get hence why he is bringing MGSV TPP to PC.
Stevino1234  +   470d ago
then again sony can pull an MS and throw cash at em for exclusivity
Ggame  +   470d ago
It's truth they did not say SHs is exclusive but again they too did not state it's not exclusive, right?
Who ever knew what was going on during Bloodborn announcement back to E3 and beleived it's multi-platform. But then?
hkgamer  +   469d ago
bloodborne is being published or maybe even co developed by sony japan, so i guess it doesnt need to say exclusive.
tlougotg  +   470d ago
Why should it be? No one cares, as long as its only current gen and uses the new tech to its potential im happy. Sony wont money hat this exclusivity because they have too many studios already bringing out exclusives they dont need to spend money on that!
theshredded  +   470d ago
I don't mind,it's a legendary franchise that had history with both Xbox and PlayStation
hkgamer  +   470d ago
i would have been surprised if it was. i mean if it was exclusive then fair plays to sony.

the teaser was nothing more special then the betas ps4 players have been getting. though i have a feeling that this would feel more special to playstation owners since they in a sense helped reveal the title.

i mean it feels a little more special than a beta since this has never really happened before.
Predaking77  +   470d ago
I don't think Sony is in the need to buy third party exclusive games. They have a lot of talented studios making first party exclusives. Microsoft on the other hand depend on buying time exclusive games from third parties.
SaveFerris  +   470d ago
Maybe... the second s in 'Silent Hills' stands for SONY?
Theparanerds  +   470d ago
actually made me chuckle
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