Realistic Lightsaber Combat Displayed in new STEM Video

VRFocus - If there’s one dream that almost every virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts and developer has had it must be a lightsaber VR experience. To capture the feeling of wielding the iconic weapon from the Star Wars franchise has long been a goal many have tried to reach and VR technology, paired with motion controls, represents the best opportunity yet to replicate it. Clearly Sixense, the company behind the STEM motion controllers for VR experiences, realises this.

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Consoldtobots1315d ago

how about an actual saber battle instead of the training orbs

phello1314d ago

Really really, that's your first comment. Do you not think this looks amazing?

gamegenieny1314d ago


This is so epic. Looks like a good base to start from, next we'll have saber battles. Just..... WOW !