World of Warcraft Machinima Takes Another Step Forward

World of Warcraft machinima creator Selserene has released her new movie, highly anticipated In For A Penny: Part One "On All Eight". This is the follow-on to the acclaimed trailer "In For A Penny: Prologue".

The movie itself is a story, a film noir with stunning visuals, a strong storyline and dialogue instead of flashy action with a thumping soundtrack like so many WoW machinima these days. So are we seeing a new trend in machinima? Will this become the new anime?

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Maticus3838d ago

Really impressive work by Selserene, yet again. Can't wait to see the next installment.

Wuushu3838d ago

Hope so! Anime = past, Machinima = future!

Leord3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Noo, I love animie! >=(

Machinima won't replace anime, but it's a nice medium imho.

Maticus3838d ago

I actually don't like anime much either, but I know it's extremely popular. I can imagine though, with a player base of 11 million people, that WoW machinima would also be very popular. To see the characters you play acting out a story is very satisfying - to me anyway :P

Leord3838d ago

Most interesting. Machinima today is at a level of quality so it's really worth watching, in my opinion. Just a few years back it was the nerdiest thing. It's almost on par with "regular" animated films now!

syrinx3838d ago

Very atmospheric, but once again with these movies the voice acting lets it down unfortunately.

Maticus3838d ago

Compared to some of the stuff you see, the voice acting on this is pretty good ^ ^

Leord3837d ago

Yeah, pretty good actually. Very many machinima films are using outrageously bad voice "acting"...

Maticus3837d ago

Well I heard Selserene's working on the script for the next one right now, so any suggestions, put them here - I'm sure she's keeping an eye on the feedback :)

shadowxcore3837d ago

i recommend MMOvie. i think its alot better and its hilarious, everyone should watch it.

Maticus3837d ago

MMOvie is very good, I agree, but it's in a completely different genre. It's like comparing Austin Powers and A Green Mile :P

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