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Project Morpheus Shown Running on PC at SIGGRAPH 2014

VRFocus - When Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) revealed its Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) at the 2014 Game Developers Conference it stated that it was for use only with the PlayStation 4. At the time some VR enthusiasts expressed disappointment that the headset wouldn’t work with PC. Despite the company’s stance on PC support, Project Morpheus has been spotted running on PC at the 2014 SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference and Exhibition. (PC, PlayStation VR, PS4)

Jdoki  +   469d ago
This could be good news. I didn't want to buy both Morpheus and Oculus.

Now, just fingers crossed this support becomes official and the SDK is released for developers (Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous I'm look at you!)
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Majin-vegeta  +   469d ago
I could have sworn a while back Sony said something like this back when Facebook bought out oculus rift?This.would benefit both PC&Sony.
iamnsuperman  +   468d ago
They said they were going to sort the PS4 our first then do the PC (personally I think it needs to be the other way round). Like they are doing with PS Now which is comming to mobiles and Tvs but later
Snookies12  +   469d ago
I would be MUCH more inclined to buy one if it worked for PS4, Vita, as well as PC. That would just be amazing...
ps4fanboy  +   468d ago
Sony know that PC owners are akin to me for going for new tech and new experiences if available , big market to corner also.
Rimeskeem  +   468d ago
If it works for PC that spells competition to the Oculus
mmc-007  +   468d ago
smart move Sony.
TheBoy  +   468d ago
Most likely because the PS4 hardware can't run VR very well. Games need to be 60 FPS for VR and the PS4 is simply not powerful enough to produce 60 FPS in stereoscopic 3D. Quite misleading to be honest, the VR experience for Morpheus on the PC will be completely different to the gimped PS4 version.
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IcicleTrepan  +   468d ago
Agreed. Why isn't everyone having a seizure because it's not running on official hardware? MS was just freaked out on over that a few days ago on this site lol..

Personally doesn't bother me at all that either one of them are using a PC for things that aren't even released yet, but people should at least be consistent. If they're going to bash MS for using PCs they should do the same to Sony instead of saying how great it is.
aerisbueller  +   467d ago
Why aren't people freaked out? because aside from the fact it was AMD showing it off and not sony, they're not lying about it and showing a fake little console setup to confuse people like XBox does. It's addressed directly from the setup itself, and in the interview like 10 seconds in.

Go look at the Gamescom setup where they have wires and xboxes and kinects setup in front of each screen to support the deception.

@TheBoy Of course the PC and oculus will be much better. Morpheus graphics won't looks as good as other PS4 games, but it'll still be a better experience than what you can get on XBox One.
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S2Killinit  +   466d ago
@TheBoy, and Icicle Trepan
Because you are missing the point. They aren't doing what MS does, they wanted to let everyone know that it can run on PC as well (if they want it to)

"PS4 hardware can't run VR very well"
I've experienced it, and it runs great. Also, don't forget that the headset will have an external processing chip placed between the PS4 and the headset which will handle the VR load, leaving the PS4 free to focus on the game processing. This is old news by now of course.
s45gr32  +   468d ago
Morpheus and Kinect now available on PC.
S2Killinit  +   466d ago
don't compare those two. Very different potential for gaming on VR. Of course, no one can tell you that, you have to experience it yourself.
s45gr32  +   466d ago
What I meant is that the headset morpheus or oculus rift can be used to immerse the gamer by allowing the gamer enter virtually of course into the gameworld similar to say sword art online. Kinect is the device that will allow to move in virtual reality solving the issue of how to move in a virtual world. Since all devices are on PC it will be nice to get a bundle. My point is why get morpheus on PS4 when morpheus is going to perform better on the PC. ..
Yaay4me  +   463d ago
acutally kinect wouldn't solve the problem. the main problem is that there isn't enough room for you to walk around in your room. but i see what your saying. it would be a nice device for body tracking.

but still, i think buying morpheus on PS4 makes sense, just like gaming on a console makes sense.
aliengmr  +   468d ago
When they were showing Thief in VR with Morpheus it was also on PC.

Sony wants to show off Morpheus under optimal conditions, for the sake of the device.

The games that are going to take advantage of the PS4+Morpheus are very few and Sony is still working on getting the PS4 to do VR at 100%. Sony just doesn't have the advantage of scalable hardware. Its to their credit they are even attempting VR.

At this stage, if they want to show the potential of Morpheus, they can and should use the hardware available to do that. They can't afford any mistakes at this point.

Once the proper games are developed (which Sony is taking very seriously) and the PS4 works flawlessly with Morpheus then it will be shown.

Unless Sony announces official PC support, Morpheus is still PS4 only IMO.
S2Killinit  +   466d ago
huh, going head to head i see. possibly.
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