Palgn Review - Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Colonies Edition)

One of the more memorable Xbox 360 games from the first part of 2007 was Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, a third-person shooter which placed you in very snowy terrain to fight off all manner of wierd alien beasties with cool weapons and, most importantly, big mechs that you could control and jump around in. The game received a fairly good reception from gamers and critics alike, and was then ported over to the PC a few months later, before reaching what we thought was its final destination on the PlayStation 3 a few months ago. But just like one of those annoying television advertisements informing you that 'There's still more!', Lost Planet is back once again, this time in the form of Colonies Edition, which is essentially the same experience that we remember from the original iteration, but with some new features and a budget price-point. So nearly 18 months since its initial release, is Lost Planet: Colonies Edition with its new features worth the now cheap-ish cost?

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