ONM review: Okami

Capcom teaches an old dog new tricks.

Okami is one of the greatest videogames ever made. Yes, it's that good. Of course, that's in general game terms rather than a comment specifically aimed at the Wii version. Okami jumped to the top of 'Best Games Ever' lists when it was on the PS2, right around the same time when everyone else ignored it. That Capcom is promoting this Wii-adapted remake as "the best game you've never played" then is a rather bold admission, because it's rare that you'll see a publisher admitting its failings this openly. But then, this is Okami we're talking about and it's wonderful to see Capcom realising that if there was ever a game that deserved a second chance at success, it's this one.

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sandip7873839d ago


how i loved that game. most under rated title ever. honestly, i dont see why devs have an incentive to make epic games like this if theyre never gonna get anywhere. hopefully the wii pushes sales. but unfortunately for clover, they no longer exist

Rikitatsu3839d ago

They named it : "Platinum games" ... the guys who made okami are all there

PS360WII3839d ago

To further the Platinum Games conversation they are making a PS3/360 game, Wii, and DS game as of right now. Plus an unannounced title :)

ItsDubC3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I'm so addicted to Okami right now. The Celestial Brush works awesome w/ the Wii remote IMHO.

The game has actually sold pretty well on the Wii compared to the PS2.

Assuming VGChartz data to be a fairly good approximation, there were about 100 mil PS2s sold worldwide upon Okami's initial release in Japan (April '06). Okami has gone on to sell about 150,000 copies on the PS2 platform.

When Okami was released for the Wii in April '08 in NA, there were approximately 24 mil Wiis sold worldwide. The game has already sold just over 100,000 copies, and Wikipedia denotes that it is just being released for the Wii in EU and AUS today. The Wii version has yet to be released in Japan as well.

EDIT: Well, upon further investigation, something seems to be going on w/ VGChartz's Okami PS2 data. It shows 150,000 copies sold for Japan and worldwide, and none for America. Wikipedia states further down on the page that by March 2007, Okami sold 270,000 copies on the PS2 platform. As of how many copies it has sold on the PS2 since then, I'm having trouble finding that info.

PS360WII3839d ago

Oh I didn't know about those numbers. Very cool

As far as the game yes it does rock and the Wii Remote with the Brush does work well.

Smacktard3838d ago

Okami is amazing on the Wii. Haven't played the PS2 version though, so I can't make any comparison. There are a few issues with the control but you have to learn that being slow and precise usually works worse than using the brush quickly, so just "go with the flow."

The kimono design part is utterly ridiculous though. It's nigh impossible to finish the last design without using the Z-button >:|