Sega Dreamcast Gets USB Mass Storage Option

Carl Williams writes, "We recently covered the Sega Dreamcast hard drive modification (here) but today, we are reporting on a new mass storage option. The Sega Dreamcast is getting a USB mass storage option that replaces the GD-ROM drive altogether. Since this is an USB option you are not limited to the size of SD cards (about 128 gigs is the biggest right now). Instead, the USB-GDROM Controller will allow you to plug in up to a 2 terabyte hard drive (that will hold a lot of homebrew)."

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choujij1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Awesome. So it actually replaces the GD-Rom board and drive. I guess you could probably toss in a usb powered 2.5 drive in the space left behind from removing the GC-Rom drive. As long as there's enough space (which I believe there is), it should work. I have 2 Dreamcasts myself, might do this to one of them.

triverse1316d ago

You may have to build a small bracket system to keep the hard drive in place and off of key components. I agree though, there should be enough room for an internal drive of some sort using this board (may have to Dremmel out the GD-Rom tray for instance).

PudgeyBurrito1316d ago

Haven't witnessed magic in a long time. Thanks for that.

triverse1316d ago

You are welcome. Stuff like this is what I started RGM for, rather than yet more reviews of SMB 3. This stuff is awesome.

ArtificiallyYours1316d ago

Still one hell of a beast after all these years. :')

maniacmayhem1316d ago

Finally! Keep those updates coming Sega!

Benjammin251316d ago

Just in time too! What will all those tasty new Dreamcast games on the horizon!

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