Hyrule Warriors Is Now Available In Japan, Here's over 60 Minutes Of Gameplay

Hyrule Warriors, also known as Zelda Musou in Japan is now variable at Japanese retail stores and digitally through the Nintendo eShop. Zelda Musou is the beat'em up with characters from the Legend of Zelda universe, a collaboration between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo.

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Geekman1350d ago

It's amazing how I spend more time being jealous of Japan than that guy my GF was with.

wonderfulmonkeyman1350d ago

The cutscene where Link's ToC activates was awesome....

ZeekQuattro1350d ago

I watched about 14 minutes then stopped. Not because of spoilers mind you but because it just makes the wait that much harder. lol

MSBAUSTX1350d ago

Yeah man I didnt even watch it because I am already looking at plane tickets to japan to buy a japanese console and the game lol j/k. But it is agonizing to wait. It is so close now.

DryBoneKoopa851350d ago

I can't wait either!!! I'm doing a playthrough of all the Legend Of Zelda games in anticipation for this release!

I finished The Legend Of Zelda (NES) now I'm on Links Awakening (NES).

equal_youth1350d ago

does somebody know if this has splitscreen?

Kaitou1350d ago

It doens't but you can play local.

wonderfulmonkeyman1350d ago

I think it does Gamepad and TV for two players, instead of split-screen.

ape0071350d ago

looks decent but those graphics man, im not your typical gfx W**** but this looks like it's on ps2

MSBAUSTX1350d ago

It is the crappy youtube video. All trailers of games look l ok ke ths. I have wtched it on my Wii U and it is pretty.

Metallox1350d ago

You gotta love associated studios of Koei Tecmo, they really do crappy games graphically speaking.

Yes, the game looks bad, but I don't remember any PS2 that looked like this, not even the best ones like Shadow of the Colossus. It actually looks like a 2008 PS3 game at its best.

Kevlar0091350d ago

Yeah, but you get to play as a badass, muthafn Ganondorf.

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