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Rise of the Tomb Raider will be the first of many sudden exclusives for PS4 and Xbox One

GameZone: "Rise of the Tomb Raider is not some catalyst; it did not start the trend of console exclusivity. However, seeing such a prominent title play favorites will undoubtedly bolster that trend, pushing it further up the list of options developers confront with every new game. In part thanks to this, a few short years from now, the IP venn diagram which Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo so frequently recolor may look radically different from its current shape." (PC, PS4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xbox One)

Cueil  +   468d ago
it's a cycle... we are moving back into big third parties taking money to offset financial instability in a new console market
Army_of_Darkness  +   468d ago
Last gen it was probably 95% MS paying for exclusive this and that from 3rd party developers as far as I can remember.
Cueil  +   468d ago
If you don't count Sony buying studios up I can partially agree... though it's no where near 95 percent
Army_of_Darkness  +   468d ago
Sony bought studios that mainly developed on Sony consoles such as Media molecules and sucker punch. That's a huge difference from buying a company like Capcom for example that has always done multiplatform development.
equal_youth  +   468d ago
micorsoft still runs in the wrong direction.
PockyKing  +   468d ago
Yup, they certainly aren't bringing any good games to their console fanbase. Only Sony is delivering the games. /S
equal_youth  +   468d ago
haven't said they don't bring the games but clearly there are some things lacking at ms. i for myself look out for sunset overdrive and quantum break and maybe the halo collection + a few indie titles. but that is not the portfolio sony has and for me its not even near that. plus i have a bad history with ms all in all including their customer support and three years without nearly one exclusive or new ip. sony is stepping their game with share play and so on and microsoft still sits on their always online cloud based future games... they clearly are in for the money as much as sony but sony does one thing right and that is making a step towards the gamer and try to make us feel comfortable with our decision of picking up a ps4 where ms tries to bend me right over to **** me. sry for that last bit of blabla.
XStation  +   468d ago
TGS next. I have a feeling that MS might try to get Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts timed next. I hope it doesn't happen, but it seems like they're branching out to Square Enix.
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ssjkiet  +   468d ago
Wouldn't surprise me the least bit.
colonel179  +   468d ago
After Tomb Raider, it definitely wouldn't be surprising at all, but it would get everyone angry. Imagine, after being announced PlayStation exclusive, then lie to all their fans for years, then announce it multiplatform, and then finally timed exclusive to Xbox? I don't even want to know what would happen.

With that said, it is going to be very hard, because Xbox has almost no presence at all in Japan, which is very likely that the games will launch there first.
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vishmarx  +   468d ago
theyll try,
but SE has been in this business long enough to know it wont sell more than 15 copies in japan.
which houses more than a significant share of ff fansbase,
and ms can never pay them enough to counter a forced failure of a FF game.
tbh id be less surprised i FF xv released on pc,3ds and mobile than it be an xbox exclusive
iamnsuperman  +   468d ago
That would be even more reckless than this move. I know the PS4 isn't so hot their right now but to back a brand that has never sold well in Japan/that market (what TGS is for) would be stupid. They could end up loosing a high amount of money (remember the PS4 isn't the only console there, the Wii U is doing quite well over there)
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rainslacker  +   468d ago
Or they could make it timed exclusive for the western release. There are those as well. I believe Eternal Sonata had timed exclusivity like this, where in Japan it was released on both consoles at the same time.

Personally can't see it with their two biggest franchises actually developed by them. SE does publish TR, but they don't seem to have much faith in that franchise, whereas FF and KH are guaranteed sellers. FF didn't exactly sell that great on the 360 either, whereas it did half decent on the PS3.

It's possible if they were considering it, they may back down after the backlash of TR, because the backlash for FF or KH going exclusive like that would be far worse.
gamerfan0909  +   468d ago
I highly, highly doubt that'll happen. I can't remember the last time Final Fantasy was a system seller in America and Kingdom Hearts won't move anything for MS. If they want to make a huge splash then getting battlefront or a KOTOR sequel would sell consoles.
jetlian  +   468d ago
Man if MS did get timed exclusive FF15 sony fans would riot. If I was MS I would do it. Also get some DLC.
MysticStrummer  +   468d ago
It's not really good to generalize. Every gamer I know is a Sony fan, and none of us care about FF at all.
jetlian  +   468d ago
If TR can create this much anger FF15 would be worse. No way sony fans waiting nearly a decade gonna stay calm.

Did I Say all sony fans? No I didnt and clearly you would if it happened
rainslacker  +   468d ago

The backlash would be massive actually. Going multi-plat pissed people off, going exclusive would be worse. There was backlash at the DS handheld KH releases, and they were just spin-offs.

And there are still plenty of Sony fans that like FF(I'm one of them). FF13 still sold on the PS3, whereas it didn't do that great on the 360.
equal_youth  +   468d ago
that would really hurt my digital feelings :(
MRMagoo123  +   468d ago
ooo right in the digital feels
OpieWinston  +   468d ago
MS is building on their EA and Square Enix partnerships this gen. Phil Spencer is pretty confident with Xbox in Japan (Which is unusual)...So perhaps aside from Scalebound MS has something else up their sleeve.
XStation  +   468d ago
You see dat Mercury tho? https://www.youtube.com/wat...
OrangePowerz  +   468d ago
MS was also confident with the original Xbox and the 360. You expect them to say the truth that they expect to tank again in Japan? They only release in Japan to have the support of Japanese comoanies to get their games released in the west on the console.
medman  +   468d ago
The only thing Microsoft has up it's sleeves is more deception and subterfuge...buy up 3rd party exclusive so the fan base doesn't realize their 1st party studios haven't produced anything outside of a shooter in a decade. Good luck with that mess.
ger2396  +   468d ago
Why don't they just buy square enix and be done with it.
OrangePowerz  +   468d ago
Not gonna happen in a million years. They couldn't even get Square to release the FF13 games in Japan for the 360. FF and KH are very strong brands in Japan and they know like everybody else that the Xbone wil fail in Japan. Tomb Raider is a western franchise with a rather small fanbase in Japan and the console does ok here.

If you think TB stirred up a shitstorm that would be nothing compared to FF or KH being time exclusive for the X1. It would most likely be the last announcement the current CEO of Square would make.
funkybudda  +   468d ago
Riot over FF being time exclusive? Highly unlikely, because the series hasnt been good for a while. KH is a different story.
Muzikguy  +   468d ago
If by some miracle they snag the KH or FF game to be exclusive to MS, then I'm just going to stop buying Squeenix games. They've pissed off enough customers with the trash they've put out lately, I feel like that would be the final nail for Square. Third party games shouldn't be exclusive. Unless of course certain consoles are better suited (or handhelds). Even in that respect though, it's a tough situation to be in
gamerfan0909  +   468d ago
I have no problem with this. If companies want to buy third party exclusives or timed exclusives then so be it. It won't effect me in the slightest because I'll eventually own a PS4 to go along with my XB1. If you want to game on one system an entire gen well be prepared to lose out on great games. Same could be said about any previous gen also.
colonel179  +   468d ago
Dude, the majority of the people can only have one console, so they decide upon first party exclusives to choose what console to buy. People that can have more than one console is really the minority.

There is nothing wrong about third party exclusives. The PS2 had lots of them, and games like Ninja Gaiden started on Xbox. Actually, I would love if there were more third party exclusives for both consoles. However, Tomb Raider is different, because they re-released the game on PS4, why would they make PS4 gamers play the game, if they won't be able to play the sequel?

If Tomb Raider (the first one) was released only on Xbox, it's fine. It's the first of the franchise, and Microsoft grabbed it, but don't make millions of people pay for the game and support, only to deny them access to the sequels.
OrangePowerz  +   468d ago
I would have somewhat agreed.with that a week ago when I still planned on getting an X1 at some point. Since they decided now it's necessary to pay for TR timed exclusivity, a long standing multiplatform series, they will never ever see my money again. I have a original Xbox and had the 360 and enjoyed them for the most time, but with that move I see no reason to give them any of money.

Creating studios and making their own games? Awesome

Paying for new IPs from 3rd party? I can somewhat deal with that.

Paying for long standing IPs that have never been popular on their system but on the system of the competition to undermine them and in a cheap attempt to get them to switch? No dice and they will never again get any sales from me for those cheap tactics.

They have been already unpopular and that makes them even less popular. The last TR sold below 5 million so it's not a system seller. It's just a cheap attempt to get PS users to buy an X1. MS is using the same tactics they used in the OS market in the past. If you can't defeat them fair and square throw money around to either buy the competition or undermine them in the hopes they can't spend that much money to compete with you anymore. Their shady tactics worked perfectly fine in the PC market, but they will never win that way in the games market.

Their popularity is going down since a few years and not only amongst gamers.
gamerfan0909  +   468d ago
Then don't buy it, then? I don't see any difference in seeing how this IP is different from any other third party IP. If you were going to buy an xbox before this announcement and suddenly this game is exclusive to the platform and you don't want to buy one then I don't see your logic. If you want to have some moral victory, then have it. I'll never shit on a company for providing value to their consumer base and future consumer base. MS's obligations are not to Sony fans, and Sony's obligations are not to MS fans. Their obligations are to the user base and providing them content. If wanna be mad over a third party exclusive that's in a long line of other third party exclusives then so be it. The world will go on.
rainslacker  +   468d ago

Buying up a 3rd party exclusive that the system was going to get anyways is not providing value to their consumer base.

Providing value would be taking the money they spent on that, and likely all the other stuff they spend money on in the same manner, and investing it on building their own studio's lineup, to provide you with truly unique content that you really can't get anywhere else. It would also serve them better in the long run, as they'd actually increase the value of their company while doing it.

It is what Orange says, a way to undermine the competition, and try to persuade those truly die-hard fans(in this case of TR), to purchase an X1 to play the game. They may even get a few thousand to do just that.

To be fair, I don't like it when any company buys up third party content, even when it's DLC or special exclusive content to the system, like Sony with the AC series. It's just a waste of money IMO, and I highly doubt it sways the pendulum for console/software sales enough to be worth the expenditure.
xX1NORM1Xx  +   468d ago
i hope not i own both consoles but my friends don't it would suck having to play a multiplayer game without my friends i probs wouldn't bother buying it.
EdoubleD  +   468d ago
I don't want to see all kinds of third party games being bought out as exclusive, though some wouldn't hurt.

In the case of TR, the decision was stupid for Square. Should have started the reboot on Xbox only if they wanted to go on with this, it's the only reason why there is such a uproar.
mochachino  +   468d ago
I hope neither PS4 or xone get anymore 3rd party exclusive games. Unless Sony/MS is providing funding to start a project or revive a dead one, 3rd party exclusivity is just using game budgets to pay for a game we would have had anyways. It takes away from the game budget that could have been used on a different project.

I rather they just put the money towards creating new 1st and 2nd party games. 3rd party exclusives create no new content. It's horrible for gamers.
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TM333  +   468d ago
I'm right there with you. Plus, if FFXV or KH3 ends up with some MS exclusivity, I'll be ready to shoot someone, and I'm positive I'm not the only one who feels that way.
Master-H  +   468d ago
Oh lovely, can't wait for MS temporal exclusivity of on-going popular multiplatform franchises, cuz who wouldn't wanna wait 6 months or a year to play a sequel they were looking forward to, or better yet, buy an xbox just to play that game early !!

-want Mass Effect 4 ? get an xbox or wait a year
-want the new Tomb Raider ? get an xbox or wait a year (or re-buy the first one which you might have bought TWICE, oh and Temple of Osirus LoLz)
-want the next CoD ? get an xbox or wait a year.

and of course if people keeps buying those games regardless eventually Sony will have to do the same then:
-want GTA 6 ? get a PlayStation or wait a year
-want the next AssCreed ? get a PlayStation or wait a year
-want the next Resident Evil ? get a PlayStation or wait a year

I mean who wouldn't want a lovely future like this ? why develop first party games when you can swoop in with a checkbook and snap any proven 3rd game you like and cock-block the rest of it's fans in the process? only childish fanboys would oppose this i tells ya. /s
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SmielmaN  +   468d ago
Bubs up

Loved this.
That future is sh*t for gamers
MRMagoo123  +   468d ago
definitely a well said bubble, this path MS is taking is a bad one and the ppl that support it are bad too. They all think its fun and games till its a game they want not coming to their platform of choice.
iceman06  +   468d ago
Unfortunately, this is a the residue of the often raged Console Wars! Companies are taking any and every step to secure these IP for their console. However what is it really doing for the industry, aside from segmenting its user base. I have no problem with DLC, though it still sucks, I am patient. It's even different when publishers need resources to develop an IP that has long been forgotten or wouldn't have a chance otherwise. But, these tactics that do nothing but secure a game to create the illusion of value are just not going to grow the industry in the correct way. There's a healthy way to compete. Then, there's this.
This isn't just a knee jerk reaction to TR. I haven't even played the new one. (next on my backlog) This is just a comment for the industry overall.
ShaqSoda  +   468d ago
I would say there's no point in having exclusives to one console or the other, but then there's no point in having the ps4 AND xbox one. Idk, I wished every exclusive was timed. I don't want to spend $400 for another next gen console to play games like Uncharted and No Mans Sky.
LamerTamer  +   468d ago
The main problem with xbone exclusivity is that the game will then be limited by the weaker hardware of the xbone. This means the game won't be as good as it could be and have toned down graphics. At least if it came to PS4 it could look better, and if it comes to PC it would look better yet.

Exclusive games exclusive to the weaker console is bad, period.

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