Project Morpheus Compatible Games as of 8/13/2014

A comprehensive look at all confirmed upcoming Project Morpheus titles for Playstation.

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Grave1375d ago

Man, I really hope I can play Silent Hills on this = Goodbye sanity!

Agent_00_Revan1375d ago

Silent Hills, Alien Isolation, and No Mans Sky are my 3 biggest requests. I'd be sold on it.

S2Killinit1373d ago

Yeah that would be bad for your health. The thing is freakin scary without VR as is.

MRMagoo1231375d ago

I am really looking forward to the things they have planned for all this VR tech including the pc one, this may be the stepping stone needed to change gaming to a whole new level, I hope holodecks are out before I am dead.

level 3601375d ago

Project CARS - Big YES here.

Among the Sleep - looking promising.

Surgeon Simulator?, Jurassic Encounter?.. can't wait to see the visuals and how the game developers maximize the potential of VR-tech.

ibrake4naps1375d ago

I think it'll feel like next gen has truly arrived when this does!

ibrake4naps1375d ago

Says the oculus rift is a competitor. Will it also work on ps4??

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